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to scream that i'm the terrible one

Name: Tu (meaning “star” in Vietnamese)
Biological sex: Male
Age: 14-15; he was a newborn horse

Appearance: When you first meet Tu you will inevitably pause and have another look at him. At first you will notice the curve of his slender neck and the protrusion of his collarbone beneath his paper-thin skin, you will count his ribs on your fingers; hips bones like mountain peaks, lips like a scarecrow. His eyes are very blue, you think when you finally catch them, it’s only for a second but you’ve already determined that they are eyes in which you could feel comfortable staring into. Tu is not tall or short, he’s average and he’s young and everything that you imagined a young boy should be – his muscles are starting to become evident and they are wiry. There’s something about him, his nearly translucently pale skin and the touches of silver beneath those gorgeous eyes. His hair is unkempt, wild and the color of afternoon clouds or cotton or a rabbit’s tail – you want to touch his hair, you think, but you won’t because it would seem inappropriate to do so. But the thing about Tu isn’t how beautiful he is (because he is), it is the way he seems to keep to himself at all costs; he slinks away from contact; dodges the faintest brush of his skin; those lush, pouty lips always drawn into a frown. He is complicated maybe, artistic, but you’ll never know because he freezes you up inside.

Player: Kate
Note: Tu should get the 1x Frostbite curse from my bank account, he also has a twin named Remriel <3

    • accepted -

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