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without a reasonable doubt

*Name: Remriel
*Biological sex: Male
*Appearance: Semi-pale. Sharp blue eyes. Angled face, slender-thin build, sort of long-legged. Dark hair that brushes at his cheeks and back of the neck. Pale jaguar spots over his skin; down the back of his neck, over his back and curling to the front of his hips and stopping mid-outer thigh.
Age: 14-15ish

Sample post:
He had tried to bring his twin back, but he hadn't been strong enough. That was what stung the most; knowing there had been nothing he could do. And so Remriel had laid there, letting the cold take over. Reaching over to touch at the still form of his brother and wait for death to take him, too. The worst part of it all had been the fact that the minutes seemed to stretch on forever, and all he could do was think that he hadn't been enough, that he had been too weak to save Tu, and it was his fault that his brother wouldn't rise again. He'd wanted to go out and find something to do, after all. All of this was on him. He had done it, and he could never take it back.

Tears had run down his face, and he had squeezed them shut; hurting. Finally forgetting how much it hurt to move only to inch closer to his twin and curl close because it seemed right, somehow. They'd hatched at the same time, mostly. Rem knows he was a second behind, but that doesn't matter. Only Tu matters right now. His head felt hazy, drifting a little. Spaced out and it was getting harder to think, to keep anything at all in mind. The last thing he remembers is the memory of Tu's eyes. He forgets his own name long before he forgets Tu's, but those eyes stick with him. They wouldn't let him go, and then he just was. Gone.

Anything else you wish to include: twin to Tu, son of Tarquin and Echidna
*Your player name: cas

r e m r i e l

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