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show the world the warmth of your smile

*Name: Casper
*Biological sex: Male

His eyes are grey in color, and wide, almond shaped. His hair is naturally and normally blonde and straight, varies in length, but usually down around his cheeks. He has a slim, boyish body type and is around five feet and ten inches. He weighs about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. Oval shaped face, full lips, small cleft in chin. Not quite pale, but not usually tanned, either. His clothing style varies with his mood or what he's told to wear. There isn't much jewelry, though if there is, it would be thin circlets on his wrists or ankles, a ring or two, and possibly piercings.

*Defects: Unable to feel certain feelings to a normal degree.
Age: Around eight hundred or so.

A fun-loving, 'I-don't-care-what-you-think-of-me' ball of spaz. He'll probably have a bunch of friends if given half the chance, and he likes to do all sorts of fun or crazy things, though his favorite thing is karaoke. To him, there is nothing really intimate about sex. It is physical closeness which is detached from emotional for him, and although he can find it fun; it is still little more than a job he is good at. Casper is not ashamed of what he does, and he can be quite blunt about it, though will feel bad if it makes others uncomfortable. He makes the best of things as much as possible, and is hyper- optimistic about life. Casper seems to be in a state of perpetual happiness, almost always smiling, laughing or joking around. Usually in a very good mood around people. Though because he isn't fond of pictures being taken, rarely will he smile for a camera. He is a little sensitive about that, for some different reasons.

One of his weaknesses; eternally trying to please everyone around him with little regard to himself. It even goes so far as he lets people abuse him if they want to. He's willing to go through pretty much whatever it takes to make someone happy. Casper likes to be creative with everything; what he does, drawing, writing, even cooking. He loves karaoke alot, and music is the spice of life for him. He enjoys being around people, and likes the adrenaline of amusement parks or risks. One of his less good habits is getting high if he is allowed to do so. Esctasy is his drug of choice in those situations, though he will make do with getting intoxicated instead. He loves smiling, happy people, pleasing people, children, animals, music, singing, being alive, friends, amusement parks, the outdoors, showers, swimming, cooking, writing, and drawing. He doesn't like disappointing people, sadness, dishonesty, making people angry/sad/upset, death, spiders/most insects, gambling, having enemies, getting his picture taken, and being wasteful.

Sample post:
It was true that Cas did not have many boundaries, and perhaps that alone brought him more business then anything else. There were an awful lot of fetishes out there, and not all that many prostitutes who allowed them to be performed upon them. But Casi did not have those qualms. And he certainly did not see any reason not to get paid for things being done to him that had been done to him before minus the money. He'd grown up being violated; a sex slave tossed about at the whims of his master. Cas had grown accoustomed to what he could not change, and eventually he was set loose upon the world with no other real experience under his belt. What else would he have been able to turn to? This was something he knew how to do, and he was good at it. Cas was good as a human, and he'd adapted to immortal abilities rather well. And fast. Instead of always relying on all the physical ways to judge responses, he could also turn to what lay within the mind if needed. It was the only real time he actually used the powers, since he found it rather wrong to do it on a regular basis in any other situation. There were moments where he slipped up because something did not sit right with him and he needed to know, but usually only when strangers were action obnoxiously suspicious and his way of life, or just his life was called into question or threatened.

When in Rome..... interesting things could happen. Not great things, in his case, but life was surprising and that was enough. Was sex a powerful weapon? Yeah, there was no way around that, though Cas did not use it that way. And considering his profession, his lack to connect it to anything more, anything truely emotional; he was pretty safe from the ways in which others used it against people. Casi liked to stay far away from any kind of romantic love, because it seemed to do more harm then good, in his opinion. But Cas had his fair share of childhood lessons that should not have been given to him, and instead of having issues with most of the things he'd learned or that had been forced upon him, Casidhe decided to have a happy outlook on life and all there was. There were the simple things in life that mattered to him. Music really kept him going when he was feeling down; though that wasn't all too often. Cas had woken up in his own blood and he was still smiling and laughing. Getting him down was a big process, and thankfully it had not happened too many times in all his years alive.

Nell's pretenses of offense made him giggle softly, and he just shrugged at her response over the matter of keeping his clients confidential. Cas wasn't bothered by the abuse; it was fleeting, and if it made others happy, then why should he make it cease? It wasn't a very well known fact that Casi would probably allow such things to happen even without being paid for it; he was that easy going. What was a little pain for the price of someone else's happiness? Nothing. He was thoughtful as he chewed on his sandwich, though her words made him pause and peer at her, his eyes wide. "Don't say that." His voice was low, small. He wasn't sure how physically capable he was of becomign pudgy, and he was a little worried at the challenge it posed for him to make her thus happy. "I'll end up making myself sick trying to get pudgy...." He looked a bit nervous as he watched her. Yes, throwing around the 'happy' word in such a context could be harmful in the presence of Casi. And it caused double the effects when it came from a friend.

Casidhe was fond of anything that had to do with music, and he picked up instruments through the years, though it was the singing he liked most when it came to what he could do. Then again, he often fell asleep with headphones in. That might not be the best thing, as it could cause ear infections, but as an immortal, it wasn't too big of an issue to him. Plus, he let himself get stabbed on occasion, so what was a little earache here and there? Again, a little price for musical pleasure. Sing opera? He pondering it, chewing on his lip. "It's worth a try, I suppose. Not great at the high notes, but...." He laughed softly and shook his head. He'd try nearly anything once, so he would have to find something opera-like to sing. Might not be tonight, but that was okay. There was always later, and Cas wasn't likely to ever give up karaoke. His brows, however, shot up at her other comment. "Are you suggesting that I'm trying to impress..... bitches?" He asked, grinning at Nell and her use of the word. It seemed strange coming from her lips, that was for sure. More words from her, and he beamed at her. "Thanks." He was pleased by the comment.

He listened curiously to her words, and already he had a pretty good idea of what he'd be singing now. At least for one of the songs. "The good life, hmmm? Nelly, you should come for karaoke tonight. It'll be funnn." He let the word draw out, smiling at her and hoping that she would come. He flopped on his back to watch her juggle, amused. When she told him to eat up, he finished off his sandwich, nodding to her. He chuckled at her words, his bright eyes on her as he pulled out the icing. "You know I enjoy talking with you." He pointed out, the smile never falling from his lips. Her question brought his mind to where he was going to go after this, and the thoughts were pleasent indeed. "Gonna go to my best friend Gemma's and hang out. Maybe I can get her to watch some movies with me before karaoke." He nodded happily at the idea of that.

Anything else you wish to include:
*Your player name: cas

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