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if the bones like the attic, let them have it;

if the bones like the attic, let them have it
Name: Tsuyu
Biological sex: Male
Appearance: Conventionally unattractive, body emaciated and skeletal in a near Greyhound resemblance. Fair skin with dark hair and large, looted dark eyes.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Else: Using my gold joining coin to buy insect generation for Tsuyu – eg. Often spawns any variants of insects from his flesh with his control or not. (Please tell me if this is not allowed!)
Your player name: Deer
How you found out about us: Elvin
fitting, that fear is the first thing havoc knows, when it had been tsuyu’s, too.

he’s still hurting, some ripe burn like a spreading fire in his belly, his lungs, the split at the seams of his mouth that bleed filthy pink blood and remnants of spitting foetal fluid. he thinks he might have been revolted, once upon a time, but has become too used to swallowing spiders, breathing beetles into a body mostly dead despite still living. fright has settled bone-deep like termites in rotting wood and he can’t shake it, doesn’t try to, even as it freezes his joints like seeping blizzards.

the foetus disgards whatever listless remnants of non-birth he’d once had and begins a frantic, tossing struggle, tearing from the sac it had once lived like a predator tearing the stomach of its prey. something small and beating inside of tsuyu says perhaps it had been his responsibility to assist the shrieking creature from the stranglehold of it placenta, but is struck too dumbly to yet move.

despite this – and the brutal panic still leaping inside of him like swordfish – he feels a brittle fondness, affection latching like ropes at his wrists and ankles and pulling.

the creature shrieks louder, and tsuyu makes some weak fumble forwards, something like comfort or gilded protection, but is stopped short as the flesh of the foetus’s skin begins to morph – stretch and pop and settle in places it had not been, to become something less-unborn but still too bizarre, to startling to be corporal. tsuyu makes some dry choke in his throat, watches in mounting horror as teeth pop from empty gums, fur sprouts where had once been dark, dripping flesh.

it looks at him, and tsuyu looks back. he coughs, and when he glances down it is mostly blood.

    • accepted -

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