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2 Feb '20

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there's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes

you can tear me down, but i will rise from the ashes
Name: Kensi

Biological Sex: Female

Appearance: Lightly tan skin brings out eyes as moody as the ocean, they vary between green, blue and grey and hair a deep mocha in color that seems golden in the sun. She stands around 5ft 3in tall and will only grow another inch or two.

Defects: Prone to bouts of depression/doubt

Age: 14-15

Personality: She can be a shy girl but she loves fun as much as the next person. She sometimes doesnt know the meaning of "personal space" so she tends to get really close to those she talks with and to those she feels comfortable with. She tends to talk with her hands and is almost always smiling. She does have her moments of moodiness and it takes quite a bit to shake her out of it. She doesn't like to admit she needs help and will often say she can do things on her own even when she cant; that damned stubborn gene.

History: Her father sucummbed to illness and passed away and her mother died of a broken heart. She believes she is an orphan but has an older sibling or two who were sent to live with relatives when she was a year or two old because their parents were unable to care for them. Kensi, being the youngest, was kept with her parents.

I would like to use my coin to give her: Light manipulation. (Absorb, generate and create light.)

*Sister to Latimer

I go by the name of Bri
I am a Kate-minion


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