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Living Like a Ghost

***This application has mature content and is indicated where it is located.***

- Kalen

Biological Sex:
- Male

- cobalt blue eyes
- chin length curly, white hair that has a black streak near the bangs
- pale skin
- 6'3"
- 130 lbs
- generally dresses with jeans and some sort of t-shirt
- usually wears a leather jacket

- scar on his knee

- twenty-three

- polite
- caring
- quiet
- daring
- curious
- a little oblivious at times
- hard working
- quirky
* Anything more will surface in posts, otherwise ask me anything you want about specifics.


Kalen started off a human, now a ghost, his last moment seen in a performance. Everyone watched…

So, Kalen Andrews grew up with three brothers and his mother and father. His three brothers were all older, Michael the oldest, then Phillip, and then James. His mother was Maria and his father was Jeremiah. All of his immediate family was pretty strict on many things in his life. That was almost to the point that he was not allowed to go to a normal high school. All of his other brothers had been home schooled, but he found the idea a bit horrifying after years of schooling until he was sixteen, wanting to get out of the house. They eventually gave into his persistent begging, but they also said he must find a job and at the time, he was sixteen, almost seventeen and not too many places would take him. So he turned to the rodeo where his life changed quickly. He had met Morgan, then quickly falling for him, although at the time he first did not want to admit that he liked other guys partially because no one in his family would agree with his decision. So they had to keep the next two years a secret despite the fact that generally a majority of people could deduct that there was something going on between them. Still, Kale got hurt quite a bit and often times Kit and Morgan would end up staying together for the night as Morgan took the time to tend to his wounds. Morgan had become his everything, but that eventually changed. One day, one moment, one mistake in his movements was all it took for the bull to kick and snap his neck. He was dead instantly and afterwards, he could see his body from above, from a new perspective, the first thing that got his attention was Morgan’s voice, his cry for him, and that’s when he knew that he was gone. The pain of knowing he was dead stuck with him now, at least four years passing before he was really able to go back in an attempt to move on, but nothing changed when he did go, and he was stuck in this odd state of being.

Moving onto him more personally. Kale at this time was much rather easy going because of how his parents had constrained him so much. Although his job was rather dangerous and at times unpleasant, he adored being there really because it gave him slight freedom. He was funny too and just more worried about everyone else than himself, especially Morgan. Kalen also valued honesty and loyalty very much so, although he usually was quick to forgive those who did lie to him. Now, things have changed, tables have turned. He really was funny and caring deep down, but he was a bit more blunt now, a bit less easy going. Within this past year he had even been watching over Morgan every so often, but what Morgan was doing made him a bit disappointed, a bit saddened, and he was worried Morgan had changed into an entirely different person. Kalen was a bit more depressed now, just not being able to really contact anyone, not having been able to see any other supernatural being that he could actually talk to. Not being able to rest was a bit lonely, granted he did not have problems being alone, but for five years? That could take a toll on him. He very much likes his company, even when he was alive, he still had friends, easily accepting of people as long as they were ready to accept him. Not a ton of people agreed with how he lived to begin with, but he often times let his responses roll right off his shoulders.

Then, things changed after a few years. He met Casper at a waterfall. You could say he was attracted. They sort of went into the water, started talking. Then he went down on him after a moment of passionate kissing. That sums up their first meeting although there was much drama because of Morgan lingering in his head and more importantly his heart. Then again, as time passed, these two talked more and got closer. He had made a friend, but he still remained with a huge crush on him. Anyways, they had sort of a big moment where, since he was a ghost, he could reach the ceiling and decorated the wall with these glowy stars like Casper had always wanted. It was a sweet and changing moment for them both. They are still friends, but Kalen couldn't help but want to be real for him. Now, Casper, had a best friend name Gemma and she introduced him to Shamen. She was a fairy herself who came from Shaman. She told him a way he could become more human, even though he would be more. Needless to say, he got to Shaman through a portal and a few things changed appearance wise for him. He became an ordinary fairy. That's pretty much as far as he has gotten thus far.

Anything Else:
- Again, if you have any questions, please ask. I've played Kalen before and it's sort of a continuation. I'm super excited though. I'm sort of super tired right now so things may not have been written well. :-/ oops? xD

Your Player Name: Camille

How you found out about us: Cas referred me.


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