The caves are where it all started. They allowed the first wandering wolves access to the land of Blossom Forest, and afterward housed the monster that had threatened the earliest of inhabitants. The heroes had slain it, yes, but in doing so had also closed off one of the pathways in the caverns, magic blocking one of the many exits to Blossom Forest. But over the years, the original spell has weakened and now the way is clear. What will not only crawl out of the caverns, but erupt from it? The caves now thrum with the ever growing magic wellspring as it spreads out into the land. It is from here that the first vampire of Blossom Forest was corrupted, and it is here that any subsequent vampire will be born. To traverse its paths is dangerous - there is an almost impenetrable darkness, and in that abyss lays many secrets - hidden holes one could fall through, weakened floors, and then of course there is the labyrinthe itself. No one knows what the deeper levels hold - no one has traveled them and survived to tell tales. Not even those who call this place home dares to test their luck by going in deep, deep, deeper. The magic exuding from this place has rearranged the lands - moving packs, changing the terrain. Here the cave looks the same but it is not - it is more dangerous than ever. In addition, outside the mouth of the cave the sacred stones that once stood erect in another place now stand guard. They are colored the most beautiful arrangement of jewel tones, and almost appear to be made of gems themselves, no longer the dull grey they once were. It is within them that all official fights must take place - at the Blican Orlege. Welcome to Drylic Cofa...


Even if you aren't an angel...I can still make you sing

My evil is done...

The long months of study that Zorion had seen had seen the once innocent pup growing into a handsome, chiseled teenager. He had grown up surely and steadily, finally growing into his form. As he had aged, his coat has lightened, the stripe down the center of his forehead doing the opposite. His coat, now the lightest of grey, had a faint darker stripe down the center of his face. His coat was full and healthy, his form lean. The brute had also become more observant, a mandatory change because of the nature of his master. Harries had Zorion follow him around, hiding whenever Harries had the occasion to spend time with Apollonia. The bruteling had watched him court her, woo her, compliment her. The gentleman’s tone, the lovey dovey gaze, the tenderness that was painted upon his countenance. It was all farce. But it was all completely believable and without any mar. It was impressive. Zorion had grown to know his master so well that, while in hiding, he would match the facial expression, mimic the words. Though Harries had not deemed him ready to put his knowledge into practice, Zorion was ready. Book-ready. Not world ready. But he knew how it was all done. Except for the closure.

Harries had told him that that was what tonight was for and the brute was not disappointed. The key phrase erupted from the faeling’s maw as she confessed her love to Harries and the brute chuckled silently, knowing that his master had done the impossible – gained power over the demoness. For that was what the femme’s were. Not angels, but devils which sought to steal the heart and soul and lives of righteous brutes. It was Harries’ job, and soon his too, to tame the deities into submission. His muddied gaze watched as Harries abused her form, torturing her until she submitted to his virtuous domain and then watched as his master took her, dominating her. Watching, Zorion felt a warm tugging and tingling in his loin as he became aroused. It went on and on and Zorion studied the motions, committing them to memory. Though there was no femme beneath him, he mimicked the motions with smaller hip motions just to try to understand the rhythm. And then when Harries find deposited his seed into her, Zorion felt his own seed drip to the floor below. One demoness taken care of and tamed, the world protected a little more.

As Harries pushed the ess toward the cavern, Zorion moved, exposing himself. When her eyes alit upon him, he smiled handsomely though his lids slit themselves. “Apollonia, you are well on your way to being saved from your internal evil. Though this… this is only the beginning.

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…in the name of righteousness

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