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I can feel it in my heart, it's just the start...

*Name: Periwinkle
*Biological sex: Female
*Appearance (include eye/skin/hair colour): pale tone almost white skin, crystal white hair, soft ice toned eyes
*Defects (only required if the character has any): Dislikes heat, cant sustain self after 3 minutes in weather that is above 25 degrees
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: To be developed
History: To be developed
Sample post: {recycled post, but it is recent from a character i play on Adapt}:

She sighed quietly to herself, it had been a long swim and an even longer year as the Fae had set out from her homelands in search of a new place to call home. Her waters, slowly growing more an more toxic to the point where her scales would burn on a constant basis and she knew that no matter what she had done to save her waters... this was the end. She begged her family, friends an loyal subjects to flee fearing for their safety and refused to leave until they had all gone. This choice nearly caused her her life, gills were covered in muck as scales were burned from the chemicals leeching into her waters as careless humans once more polluted the serene waters she called home. Once more. Yes, this had happened now twice before to her in such a short amount of time. The female had fled with her parents when she was but a young filly, then once again as a yearling. She snorted at the sadness the memories brought back, a flood of tears even cascaded down her blue hued cheeks like waterfalls.

Nautilus smiled softly as her necklace bounced against her neck, the sea was dripping off her pelt as she walked across the soft Terra once again. Hooves sinking into the muddy muck as she passed the shore and headed inland, away from the place she loved so much; water. To be within was home, was freedom unless it was filled with garbage an then it became merely a death trap. The female huffed as nares flared, taking in the new scents as freshness was all around her. The morning had slowly dawned, it was still slightly cool as the air brushed across her slowly fading scales and Hippocampus like tail in opt more so for her more equine looking one. Though, the water and seaweed were still braided and tangled amongst the hairs it was much less noticeable then a giant tail with fins an scales upon it. Her Caribbean blue-green antenna between those ears laid just atop her sea foam white and golden tipped mane, as her icy blue gaze peered around the place.

Soft thuds an clops, eventually gave way to louder clops an clicks across ancient man made materials. She recalls it being something either called brick or stone of some sort as elegant neck bends down to gaze upon the weird structure. Surrounded by old growth trees, covered in moss an vines were a couple of buildings laying in ruin that much reminded her of her mothers home lands of Atlantia. She planned on having her own place again one day, much like her mothers though she would call it in tribute Atlantis. She didnt want to copy entirely of course, how unoriginal would that be? Orbs peered about, nares paper thin breathed in new scents an then let them out before repeating this as her hooves echoed off the walls and her long mane and tail swept along the moss an leaf strewn cobble.

She had heard that places like these were often tribute sites, whether to a specific deity the natives were into or that in ones own personal belief choices. Nautilus had no clue as of where she was yet, let alone what deity they worshiped but she herself would go in an pay tribute to her own and vaguely whichever one lurked here just to make sure she didnt upset any balance or anything. Stepping past the doorway, and through the vines pinnacles picked up the soft dripping and ripples of water which made her smile. Even if it was a desolate an run down place, water had always made her smile; it helped that she could swim and not drown in it. Soft clicks across the ground echoed off the walls and back at her, eyes taking but a moment to adjust as she found herself within the realm of what appeared to be a water god or goddess of some sort! Her eyes lit up an sparkled, how could this be?! She mused to herself, that she just happened upon a water temple she knew was no mere coincidence.

Following instincts an the dripping sound down a small corridor to her left, she came upon a large throne which was ironically an cliche enough a giant scalloped seashell. Either side of it stood a trident, and before each trident a large seahorse statue. The only tribute she had, was a part of herself. She sought something for herself, that she must also give herself in order to possibly acquire. The soft siren like sound that slipped between creamy soft pinkish lips, would be alluring and luring to anyone who listened as well as gentle and calming for it was the way of her people. She stood there for a moment, before shifting the scales on her lower left leg to appear once again. Glimmering even in the dimmest of lights, ivories reached down beneath one just under the knee and peeled it back effectively with a bit of pain pulled one large shimmering blue-green and pink scale from her form. She huffed a bit an winced, the pain made her leg throb but there was no time for this. She came to pay tribute, an ask for something in return.

On the ground before the throne sat a shallow pool, different from the one in which the water elsewhere had been dripping into lie. It was filled with all sorts of things, over grown with algae or rust or even broken depending on how long such item had been there. From pearls, to shells an coral and even little shiny stones or jewelry lay within the pool of water. Gently she slid the freshly pulled scale into the water, and stood back kneeling with her right leg tucked under an the left one out straight as she spoke with her head bowed.

"God or goddess of this realm, hear my plea. I am but a new arrival here, and i seek only a few things. Grant me all, one or grant me none it is by your divine right. I come seeking first a small friend to be by my side at all times, be it a seahorse or a blue ringed octopus which would live within a never drying, never spilling sphere of water floating along beside me. Purely a friend and companion, not a battle buddy. The second thing i seek, is to start building a new land within this place i have come across your temple at. I wish to build it, to honor my family, my heritage, but most of all to honor you."

Gently the Fae stood, hooves slipping only slightly on her way back up. Visage craned up to peer at the magnificent throne that lay before her, as she waited. Often a sign came before ever leaving, and other times you had to just go along your business and then it would come to you in its own way. Cold wind blows through the empty halls, doused in shadow and dampness which blows across her form and swirls about her mane and tail. Breath coming in white wisps, it was clear that it was no longer summer as fall was now gracing the day outside.

{1222 words}

Anything else you wish to include:

*Your player name: Anailaigh
*How you found out about us (only required if joining for first time): You posted for SS on Surreal Island
Ive been around the rp world now for 20 years, and probably one of the last few remaining originals from way back in the day. I like the concept to this game and HOPEFULLY I havent confused myself when i joined xD

YES i checked the name board, an YES i realize... shes from tinkerbell movies (i love tinkerbell and her sister soooo yea >>) -- if thats not allowed here, please let me know but i currently did not see anything prohibiting that. She wont particularly be played exactly to the movies personality, but close.

QUESTION: I am aware she cant be all powerful an stuff, buuut i was wondering if she can start out like in the movies with the ability to frost things. Frost things if one doesnt know, is that it keeps things alive, warm (to a point), and safe from other things like harsher cold, or wind (obv. not against fire) ... so please let me know

    • accepted >> -

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