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we're making swords

Name: Cassius (Cas for short)
Sex: Male
Age: 17

Home: Household Guard
Job: Guard // Working way up to be a royal knight
Lives with: No one

Ethnicity: Unknown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Eye Color: Piercing ocean blue
Eye Shape: Round
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Hair: Thick, bangs, trimmed – more curly if left to grow
Height: 6”1
Body Shape: Muscular build, Stocky
Face Shape: Oval
Scars/Marks: Scarring on left shoulder
Does s/he have
-- Freckles: No
-- Acne/spots: No
-- Moles: No

Good Personality Traits: Fearless, protector, cool headed, intelligent and charming
Bad Personality Traits: Stubborn, capability to hate
Likes: Swords play, horseback riding, reading, the sound of laughter, women
Dislikes: Feeling inferior, betrayal
Raw Talents: Skilled with a sword and brawling (further improved upon training)
Trained Skills: Swordsmanship, horseback riding, bow & arrow, brawling
Weaknesses: Women who can fight, left shoulder still weak after being attacked
What s/he thinks is "good"/"cool":
Good: Sensibility
Morals: He has none. Or so he says.

What does your character want in terms of:
-- Family: None, yet.
-- Friends: Plenty of them.
-- Employment: Royal Knight with the King.
-- Powers: To be faster in everything he does.
-- Skills: Be the expert swordsman
Realistic Ambitions: Become an even more expert swordsman, become a knight of the King.
Ultimate Dream: Unknown.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
What s/he likes in a partner (appearance): Not telling
Previous Partner/s: Not interested in girls at the moment – preoccupied
Current Partner/s: Unattached
Crush: None

Still under development.

Childhood friend: Gaiane

Date of Birth: February 14th

History still under development.

Physical Defects: Left shoulder attacked
Psychological Disorders: Separation anxiety (though he’d never admit it)
Psychological Inclinations: --
Genetic Disorders: Color Blind
Genetic Carrier: --


**Character still under development**

    • accepted -

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