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A new life begins

*Name: Wynter
*Biological sex: Female
*Appearance (include eye/skin/hair colour):

Pale flesh tone complexion
point round tipped ears
Ragged white butterfly wings tipped in black (for when she finally gets them back here, before they are able to shift between 3 sets of color/patterns in the end)
butt length onyx hair
Head to toe stands 5'9

Gender: Female
Age: 100 years (1914)

Personality: Loves nature, all things from the tiny little bug, butterflies and squirrels. To owls, ravens and hawks right up to the horse, tiger, bear, dragon or what have you. Often tries to avoid run ins with males, simply because the last time she let her heart feel... it ended in horrible grief, in which shes still trying to get over (in addition to now, the vanishing of her wings)


Wynter, lived in the Forest of Forever and was engaged to the prince who would soon be king of their realm. However, someone had the evil thought to tear the kingdom apart and take it for themself. The only way, was to kill the heir and later claim the through as there was none other left to legitimately claim it. Except, the bastard son. Who could not do so unless he was legitimized by the priestess of nature, she would only do so if her hand was forced by these very circumstances.

On the night before their wedding, Prince Omakari was posioned at dinner and the effects had not taken place until he was in his bed for the night. When morning came, his servants found him unresponsive and cold to the touch - their medcine woman gathered all remnants of his food and drink from the night before that lay within his chambers, and found the grapes to be filled with Belladona (deadly nightshade) and it lay dormant until his body was at rest taking him in the night.

This sudden loss, heartache and anger ran through Wynters veins as cold as ice and as hot as a volcano she swore vengence would be hers one day in his name. She carries on with what is left of him in her heart and her horse, Moonstone who was a gift to her upon their bethrothal. Her wings were once a lovely shade of black an white butterfly, but they have since lost their shape to become more raggedy looking and all ounce of butterfly look has been lost. Only time, and a new love can restore her heart and wings to its full beauty.

She was well loved by the royal family, and while technically in the books not royal by blood or marriage - she was allowed to keep her status and mourn as a royal widow would. She is at home mostly in the snow and wintertime, but can fair quite easily in all other seasons, as well as a well versed equestrian.

Anything else you wish to include: Accompanied by a White mane/tailed light grey-white stallion named Moonstone. He has white eyes, and hooves that sparkle in the moonlight, as the night is favored to the day. Horse is still adorned with the old regallia of her royal stature.
*Your player name: Anailaigh

    • accepted -

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