The caves are where it all started. They allowed the first wandering wolves access to the land of Blossom Forest, and afterward housed the monster that had threatened the earliest of inhabitants. The heroes had slain it, yes, but in doing so had also closed off one of the pathways in the caverns, magic blocking one of the many exits to Blossom Forest. But over the years, the original spell has weakened and now the way is clear. What will not only crawl out of the caverns, but erupt from it? The caves now thrum with the ever growing magic wellspring as it spreads out into the land. It is from here that the first vampire of Blossom Forest was corrupted, and it is here that any subsequent vampire will be born. To traverse its paths is dangerous - there is an almost impenetrable darkness, and in that abyss lays many secrets - hidden holes one could fall through, weakened floors, and then of course there is the labyrinthe itself. No one knows what the deeper levels hold - no one has traveled them and survived to tell tales. Not even those who call this place home dares to test their luck by going in deep, deep, deeper. The magic exuding from this place has rearranged the lands - moving packs, changing the terrain. Here the cave looks the same but it is not - it is more dangerous than ever. In addition, outside the mouth of the cave the sacred stones that once stood erect in another place now stand guard. They are colored the most beautiful arrangement of jewel tones, and almost appear to be made of gems themselves, no longer the dull grey they once were. It is within them that all official fights must take place - at the Blican Orlege. Welcome to Drylic Cofa...


You can't resist the urge to love me.

 photo Harries_zps3ad8fb67.jpg

How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It's simple. I drink the blood of young runaways;; William Shatner


‘Harries! Stop it! That hurts! Harries, please no, I love you!’ Her pleads and screams played like a continuous track in his mind, over and over and over again; causing a sadistic grin to fall over his features as a demonic chuckle slithered through his teeth. He had wanted nothing more than to listen to her squeals of pain and she had not disappointed, spurring him onwards... harder... faster. He had thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of pleasure, treasuring it, as all his hard work had paid off. Threats towards her family had done the trick and the vixen had remained still, believing every lie that fell from his charcoal lips. Apollonia had been governed by emotions, forced to rebel by the actions of those around her and Harries had taken pride in his research, finding the perfect target to be used in his plan and the reward was exhilarating. To see the pure look of horror on her features as it dawned on her exactly what was happening was enough to give him ecstatic dreams for many days to come. The taste of her on his tongue and the feel of her blood on his claws would linger for hours. Of course, that feeling wouldn’t last forever and soon he would be forced to wreak havoc on other poor victim’s life. Now that thought would keep him going for months.


Even after the actual breeding process had been completed, the nightmare was not over. His canines continued to nip at her legs and body, directing her exactly where he wanted her to go. Yelps squealed from her jaws as she limped forwards and soon they had reached their destination. The darkness moulded around the pair, engulfing them in a soothing embrace as if they truly belonged in the dingy cave. His stargazers took only seconds to adjust to the change in light and as if in sync, another figure approached the pair with a handsome smile plastered upon his kissers. Words were soon spilt from his larynx and as Harries moved around Apollonia, pushing her further into the lair; his cranium swayed subtly from side to side, a sigh escaping his maw. ”Oh Zorion, you do like to make everything dramatic don’t you.” A mocking glance was sent the teen’s way, though there was some truth behind his words. Once he had pushed the ess far enough into the cave and was certain she wouldn’t be able to get away from the two, Harries took a seat on a higher ledge, overlooking the two as a king would gaze over his subjects.


Zorion had grown in size and strength and was learning every lesson faster than he had imagined. With his age, he had changed in appearance and was starting to take a handsome form that would help him, undoubtedly, with his new life career. His coat had become lighter and the unmistakable badger like marking down the center of his muzzle had grown darker. It was a strange colouring but it would be eye catching and would be a point of interest for most females. The teen had also taken well to the silent studying Harries had set him. Wherever the stilted kalak went the youngster followed and whenever they met a wolf of interest, he was quick to hide himself and take mental notes. In reality, the adolescent was ready; knowing everything the maned wolf asked him but not having gained any real experience. Soon Harries would set him his first task and for once he would take the back seat until, he believed he was capable of taking on the females by himself and that wouldn’t be far away.


Deciding that Apollonia deserved to know a bit more about what was going to happen to her, purely to watch her squirm at the knowledge, Harries shifted his weight in order to lie comfortably on his belly. Showing that he felt completely comfortable with the situation would surely drive her mad, and from where he was rested he could easily push off the rock and block her exit should she try to run. ”So, my dearest Apollonia, I am sure that you have a lot of questions and though I would love to answer them... I’m not going to. You see this is how it is going to work from now on. I am going to tell you what to do and you will listen and nod and get on with it.” A glance was sent Zorion’s way allowing him to have a play with the female and add anything he would like. ”You see now, you are impregnated with my seed and will be having my pups, which means you have to abide by my rules or else there will be consequences.” Briefly his eyes drifted to the teen, remembering the lies he had told to him. ”Your evil will no longer be inflicted upon the world and Zorion here will make sure of that. You will soon be returning to Cold Summers and Zorion will be accompanying you. He will make sure that my name remains a secret and should you tell or even hint at anything that happened to you...” A charming yet threatening smile tugged at his kissers. ”I will kill the pups you bare and EVERY wolf you have ever cared about.”

.: Male .:. Free spirit .:. Spreading the seed .:. No rules contain me .:. xhollowremains .:. OOC: Sorry for the wait <33 Hope it was okay:.


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