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Mens Hairloss/ Stress / Burning Eyes from Juicing

Hi James, I'm 54; And am trying to get around this hair loss thing I have going..... No one in my family either side is bald. At 46, I had a massive head of hair, more than anyone in my family; it has thinned much since then; slight recession in front (at least 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch so far, and the crown is showing much thinning. I did go through some major stress with work and life at that time(in fact worst experience of my life; it was very bad; mentally, it was the I don't want or care about living anymore deal) which lasted for almost 5 years. I am sure this was also a contributing factor; probably producing massive amounts of cortisol in my body, and I was also still working out in the gym, and eating half way decent ( not sure How I was able to that or if that was good or bad); I don't drink alcohol or do recreation drugs. My hair loss just does not seem to bet the typical hair loss (if there is such a thing)since it didn't appear to be noticeable till 49 yrs or so. I have always had very oily skin and scalp; more then most people, since I was a kid; I am not a junk food person, very conscious of the food I eat, I exercise/weights since 19 yrs old, very strong and in shape. I have read your posts on DHT blockers, but am Leary of the DHT blockers like Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto, as I have concerns of messing with hormones, as I have read horror stories about Saw Palmetto. Also, (and I believe was a contributing factor) I may have triggered something, but I was an avid Juicer for about 15 years, over time worked up to juicing 3 times a day; fruits and veggies together; I would go through about 15 - 20 pounds of carrots a week included in this regiment; yes I had a slight orange tinge to the skin (palms a little orange too) but just looked like a little tan. Anyway, I had developed a burning in my eyes (it looked as though I was sick) I felt fine otherwise, strong in the gym, good appetite, just the eyes; and looking back it was almost like the oil in my skin was becoming toxic. (By the way, this was all prior to the stress period I mentioned above) I did not make the connection to juicing until March of 2013, at which time I went to juicing intermittently to test this theory, and confirmed the juicing was absolutely the culprit for the burning in eyes, and possibly the hair loss too. (By the way, I noticed energy level began to drop at about age 51 through all this) So, I stopped juicing completely, and the burning in the eyes subsided dramatically within two to three days; at which time I would simply eat my veggies and fruits raw; and plus cut done on the number of servings per day. I was very guilty of the "more is better" syndrome..... I tried to eat a few carrots about 3 months ago, thinking it would be ok; and sure enough the next day I felt the burn in my eyes; so no carrots or cucumbers and certain other veggies that seem to now be a trigger of sorts. I am thinking my system might not be totally cleared of something quite yet, or I have developed some sort of allergy? Also, when I have maybe too much raw leafy greens/and or raw spinach, unless small servings, or cucumbers, and certain other veggies, then the following morning I might feel it in my eyes (slight burn, it subside after shower and washing face) I am now beginning to steam veggies more now, and less raw. Unfortunately, I am left with blood shot eyes from all the burning/stinging over the those years of juicing. I have a couple of Questions: Do you have any suggestion for the hair? I am using all natural organic type shampoo's (not sure if that matters). And you have mention in previous posts citric acid after showing.... Do you mean like an apple cider vinegar dilute spray after shower? Also, do you have any suggestions for my blood shot eyes that I have acquired? My eyes are more sensitive now, Also, I wore contact lenses for about 20 years, and stopped wearing them about 10 years ago, which I now believe was also a contributor to the veins (starving the eyes of oxygen) beginning to grow on the whites of my eyes; but like I mentioned, I stopped the contact lenses over 10 years, and the redness/veins were not near like they are now... Mentally, I am fully back to normal, energy levels have increased, I handle stress differently now, meditate daily; I believe the body is capable of amazing things if given the appropriate food and nutrients. And, I would sure like to get a handle on this hair loss thing. Any ideas?? Thanks!! P.S. Sorry for the long post....

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