Re(1): Younger Female Attacks

Sorry to hear it. I don't have a quick-and-easy solution (as usual) but have a couple of thoughts.

In our "Cat Care" section (on the opening screen) you will see an article about "Cats Who Hate Each Other." That doesn't quite fit your situation, because the Maine Coon-ie doesn't seem to be emotionally involved, just the youngsters.
But you might find a helpful pointer or two in there.
Another thought: Yount Kitty may just be feeling her oats, as the saying goes, and thinks maybe _she_ would like to be Chief. This is a good time for you to put across the point that brutality does not equal leadership.
I would suggest you make this point with a water gun _always_ at the ready, by your side. You will not need it forever, but if, every time you see Miss Young Squirt beat up on Miss Senior Kitty, give the Young Squirt A BIG SQUIRT.
Don't relent until MIss YS decides this is _not_ fun.
Good fortune to all three of you.

-- Dear Tabby


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