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sweet escapes, laced with poison

write your name in gasoline and set that shit on fire

The name on my birth certificate is Josephine Christine Loomis, but if you call me anything other than Jo you will get punched.

Iíve been rocking for twenty-four years. My mother swears that I came out of the womb playing air guitar.

As you can tell Iím a female, Iíd be worried if you didnít know. Last time I checked I looked very feminine.

Well if youíre asking about my skills I can play guitar, keytar, piano, and sing, thatís why Iím the front woman of my band, Dirty Fame.

Iíve been told Iím an attractive woman, and I personally think so as well. Itís not conceit either, itís simple confidence. I have long auburn hair that is naturally wavy and falls to the middle of my back and long choppy bangs that stop right above my eyes. My eyes are considered hazel, but they usually lean more towards brown. Though Iíve seen them turn an almost unnaturally bright color of green, it was impressive really. My skin is considered to be fair, but I can get a nice light tan before I burn to a crisp. Iím average height for a girl standing at about 5í5Ē, and usually at 5í9Ē when Iím wearing my heels. My fashion is definitely more rocker with a touch of sexy, Iím a fan of showing off a lot of leg, especially since theyíre my best features.

I consider myself to be goofy; I love to have a good time which is definitely needed considering my job. Iíve been called a badass, but I think most women that can share a stage with a male rocker and still outshine him is always considered a badass. I love to play pranks on my band, especially my brother who plays drums. Iím a bit of a tomboy, but a sexy one. For the longest time I was just considered one of the guys, but as I went through puberty they started noticing other things. I would consider myself intelligent, especially when it comes to music, which has been the one thing that has always been in my life. Iím tough and can hold my own in a fight, though I do try to avoid them, and can drink most of the guys under the table. Iím easy to get along with and try to always have a positive outlook on life. I donít think Iím better than anyone because Iím famous, I just consider myself lucky.

When people usually ask about my childhood, I never really answer, because truth of the matter is I donít remember most of it. I know that I have a mother and father that are very supportive of my brother and I. They bought me my first guitar when I was five years old, and told me when I learned they would upgrade it as long as I learned piano as well. My little brother, asked for a drum set, and they got him one without question. He didnít have to learn any other instruments, but I think they had some sort of idea that we could make it in this big bad world with actual talent. My brother and I did well in school, which was another thing requested of us if we wanted to keep holding practices in the garage. Music and my brother were the only real solid memories I can pull from childhood. I ask my parents why, but they always joke that I just have a horrible memory, so I never think more of it than that. I remember having those couple romances in high school with both males and females; Iíve never been the kind of girl that says you have to have one type of genitalia or another. Love and attraction knows no gender, so Iím a huge advocate of the LGBT community and always will be.

~Sample Post~

This had been one of the most rowdy crowds they have ever played for, and Jo was getting high off of the energy they put out. It still felt like a dream to her, the last year and a half was just a whirlwind or her and her band finally being put out there. They had already gained a surprising amount of fans, and the boys were thrilled by the numerous groupies they already had. Groupies, another thing that Jo didnít understand, she didnít see the appeal in wanting to sleep with someone just because they were famous. Didnít these women have any respect for themselves?

Donít get her wrong, Jo had her fair share of offers from both men and women alike, but every time she turned them down. Well, except for the one time when she was really drunk and the woman was saying all the right things and touching her in all the right places. That was a while ago though; the rock star usually kept her pants on and would pray that they had hotel rooms when the boys got their hands on a piece of ass. She couldnít stand listening to them grunt and groan a bunk over anymore, she needed her privacy just as they did. She was the only girl in a group of guys after all, and guys were so aggravating, especially when you live with them 24/7 for months at a time.

Those were thoughts for another time; right now she needed to focus on the people staring up at her. There were so many moving bodies; she didnít know that this many people in one area could love them as much as they did. A grin slipped over her lips as she looked back at her brother and gave him a nod. That was the sign he needed and right away he started their song, Jo followed close behind strumming her guitar. Her tongue brushed over crimson stained lips and she started to sing. The crowd got louder, she got even higher, the passion for what she did was clear in the way they played, and she couldnít imagine doing anything else with her life. This is what she had always wanted, and she finally got it.

With a laugh and a smile she ran to the edge of the stage and dove into the crowd. She could hear them scream even louder as she felt herself land in their hands, it was painful, but with her adrenaline pumping and the music pounding she didnít feel it. It was going perfectly at first, but before she knew it a group of people started to drag her down into the crowd, her eyes grew wide and she felt her heart race. She was on the verge of panic, sheíd done this before, but they never took her down before. With as many people were around, she would be trampled, she didnít want to be one of those headlines in a newspaper. She wasnít going to be the girl who had a short lived life of living her dream, she couldnít. Jo squeezed her eyes closed, ready for whatever would happen, but wished for safety. She felt it then, that pull from something, and then she was dropped into water.

Her eyes fluttered open and she glanced around, it was bright and there was water lapping about her face. Some of it got up her nose and she coughed and hacked for a couple seconds before looking around again. She was lying on the shore of some beach, her guitar in pieces around her and a dull ache throughout her entire body. She slowly pushed herself to her feet, the water made her hair stick to her bare shoulders, and again she felt her panic rising.

ďWhat the hell just happened?Ē

~Anything Else?
I would like her to be telekinetic. I can imagine lots and lots of fun things going on with her unable to control it.

lovelez88 (AIM)
immyxlovelez (Chatango)

-I found out about Shaman by looking over the advert board on Otherworldly. Thought Iíd check it out and give it a go.

Jo Loomis
twenty-four + female + bisexual

○character by Immy○
ēhtml by CHAOTICjellyfishē

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