What is up with Kali?

Kali is our 7 year old rescue. She was tortured and thrown off an interstate and we saved her roughly 6.5 years ago. Shes been raised by dogs so she is usually acting more dog than cat hehe. Because of the abuse by the horrible humans she was around before us, we had to amputate her tail, declaw her front paws (they were ruined) and get her fixed. All of a sudden, randomly, Kali is walking around, peeing just a touch in the most random places. On top of my boyfriend's sweatshirt, on top of a vent, on a pillow, and now in two boxes that we had out that she normally loved to play and sleep in. There does not appear to be any blood in the urine. She is peeing, but small amounts in her litter box. I have read online that this may be due to stress or a UTI. I read that its good to try one can of wet food a day with crushed up vitamin C to prevent and expensive vet trip that I cannot afford at the moment due to my financial circumstance. Has anyone tried this home remedy? And if so, did it work? I just want her to feel better. She is very temperamental and I hate not knowing if shes been rude as per usual lol or if shes actually feeling bad. Any help would be appreciated.


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