our cat is randomly pooping on the guest room bed

there's been a lot of changes in our home in the last several months and I know that is probably the issue. But I need to find out what the solution is. We have a 12 year old male neutered cat who has begun randomly pooping on the guest room bed - not every day, not all the time, but several times a week. In September we had to put his buddy Sylvester to sleep. That was the first change. A couple months later, one of our outdoor dog came in doors as he's getting older and is having trouble moving around. Pumpkin knows there because pumpkin used to be an outdoor cat but he's still not a fan of our dog. About a month after bear came in the houes our other dog Sadie join him because of the frigid temperatures. In order to give Pumpkin more privacy and give him a place where he felt safe, we move his food and litter box up to our guest January we have a third dog join our family temporarily. This dog is very active and would love to play with the cat. Of course the cat is having nothing to do with him. Our dogs don't care about the cat one way or the other. So, as a result of all this change I'm sure that the pooping on the guest room bed every once in awhile is acting out as a response. But I have to get him to stop and I do not know what to do.


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