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i'll be your scarlet harlot

 photo Mikayla4_zps0c0f9941.png

My name is Mikayla Anne Cardarelli. To those who pay, my name can be anything they want.

I am twenty-four, but I feel like Iíve been alive for much longer. I guess that what happens when you have to grow up too fast.

I was blessed to be of the fairer sex, and Iím all kinds of woman.

I know how to please men and women, and Iím very good at reading body language. Bad intentions arenít lost on me, so you can bet that Iím always prepared for the worst.

Iíve always been told that I was a beautiful woman, and Iíve quickly come to learn that it was one of the best ways to get what I needed. I have long dark auburn hair that falls to the middle of my back. My eyes are an icy grey, and are usually highlighted with smoky hues that make them pop. My skin is a light beige, and is usually unblemished because no one wants someone who isnít perfect. Iím considered to be tall for a woman, I stand at 5í7Ē without heels, but when I add them I usually stand at 5í10Ē or 5í11Ē depending on what is wanted. I was born with a good metabolism so Iím naturally thing and do work out on occasion, though there are others ways I get my exercise. As far as fashion is concerned I wear designer labels, and am always a mix of sexy yet sophisticated. Though my every day wear when Iím not working is more relaxed, but still has a touch of sexy sophistication.

There are two sides to everyone, and Iím no different. With my job I have to be guarded, because the second you let your guard down bad things can happen. So those who meet me by the ways of paying me for the night will meet the mysterious and intelligent woman that I am, but with more sexuality. I know how to keep someone interested and there is a guarantee they will meet no one like me. I can be feisty and stubborn, but when Iím getting paid I usually will bend to whatever will my client is wanting. If they want a challenge they will get one, but in the end they will win. Deeper down I would be considered sweet and empathetic (which does help with work), but I have my own opinions and a mind that is to be reckoned with. I have a quick wit and have been known to make people that truly know me laugh harder than anyone else. I consider myself broken, this job has never been my dream but it brings in money, and money is necessary in this world. Iím not stupid, I know the dangers I face every day, and Iím always prepared for anything. Iím confident on the outside, but on the inside Iím more insecure which is why I strive for perfection. On the inside I feel like Iím screaming but no one hears me, but then again Iím not paid to be heard.

I was born into a loving family, the only child, and when my parents were alive they told me that I was all they ever wanted. I was never a difficult child, I had my own opinions and they respected that. I had straight Aís all through school, and graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Just as I started college my parents were driving back home from helping me move into my dorm when they were in a car accident. The second I found out I rushed to the hospital; they were a mess, both of them in a coma with very little chance of survival. I was determined to keep them alive, so since I was eighteen I had to make the decisions. After almost a month in a coma, I was dry on funds and had no other choice but to pull the plug. I used all their money on their care that I didnít have enough to pay for a funeral for them, and had no other family to help me. Not knowing what else to do I went out to a club and some guy bought me drinks left and right. I wasnít able to buy the alcohol on my own, so he sweet talked the bartender and was able to slip me drinks. After I was good and drunk he offered to pay me to sleep with him, at first I was disgusted, but then I realized I would have money if I said yes. Not knowing what else to do I gave in, that night started my spiral into sleeping with people for money, because I needed to survive somehow. I had to drop out of college, because though I had money, I didnít have enough to pay for college, only enough for my own survival. After months of working clubs to find people to pay me for a night of pleasure, and one night someone slipped something into a drink and all I remember is little slices of six different men taking turns raping me. A woman found me that night and after taking me to her place and making sure I was cleaned up she asked me what had gotten me into the situation. Not having anyone else to talk to before that moment I broke down and told her everything that happened. What surprised me was that she was sympathetic; she said sheíd experienced something similar at one time when she was younger. She told me she was a paid escort which was basically a higher class of what I was doing, so she took me under her wing, trained me in many different ways of pleasing both men and women, and once I was ready she sent me off to work for her. It didnít take long for people to keep requesting me, and in just a couple months I was the most requested escort under her employment. I still work for her, even now, but she sent me out into the world to gain clients elsewhere. She knew I was a choice escort and was one of very few she choose to gather clients in a different part of the country. She then revealed to me that she was a faerie and told me about this other world, Shaman, and for some reason she decided to spread the debauchery to this place. Since she had so much to control back home, she picked me, her prized pupil, because she knew that I would do well no matter where I went. So, here I am.

~Sample Post~

It was early and a slice of sunlight shone onto her face from the curtains which pulled her from a rather peaceful sleep. Her back arched slightly as she stretched her grey eyes fluttering open as she glanced over at the male sleeping beside her. He was an older man, mid-fifties, but he had that classic handsome look to him with the salt and pepper hair that many women would swoon over. He was a regular client of hers and a surprisingly well known businessman, but no one ever questioned the women on his arm. He had enough money to buy whatever he wanted and if that was women, so be it, besides he wrote many paychecks and could pull them out in a snap of his fingers. Power, it was intoxicating sometimes, but out of the women heíd been with he always told Mikayla he had a special power over her. She enjoyed it, but she also knew that he paid her for that so she couldnít disappoint and it was very clear that was something she definitely didnít do.

Slowly she sat up and held the sheet to her chest as she looked around his expensively furnished room; she wondered what living in a place like this was like. Sheíd spent many nights here with him before, but she was still in awe by the grandeur. Her dark auburn hair fell over her shoulders as she kept studying the room around her, a small smile lifting her lips as she saw their clothes littering the floor. Mikayla was always told that if the clothes were thrown about the floor in disarray that was always the sign of a successful night and a very large tip. She had no doubts she would be getting one again, she never left with anything less than an extra three-hundred dollars on top of the two grand they paid for the night. Last night was something else though, sheíd done things for him that they hadnít done before, and that would probably get her another five-hundred at least.

He stirred beside her and her attention slid to him; he was peeking at her with one eye which pulled a quiet laugh from between her full lips. Her teeth found her lower lip gently as she brushed her fingers through his messy hair, and his arm slid around her waist. ĒWhere do you think youíre going?Ē He asked his voice still hoarse from lack of use, he pulled her towards him and she slid atop him willingly the sheet keeping skin from skin. A sexual smile was given to him as she felt him growing beneath her which made a perfectly shaped brow arch in amusement.

ďWhat, you didnít get enough last night?Ē

Mikaylaís voice was playful and she leaned down and kissed him teasingly before pulling back and sitting up. His hands traveled over her sides and her own fingers slowly drifted over his bare chest. The look in his eyes was filled with lust, he wanted her badly, just like he did last night, and she knew if she gave him what he wanted the tip would get even bigger. Her tongue brushed her lips as she decided to give in and she let the sheet fall from around her, her naked body now pressed against his as they rolled over and he ended up on top. A quiet giggle passed her lips as they kissed once more and her legs wrapped around his waist, and once again they were lost in each other.

A couple hours later she was zipping up her dress and sliding into her heels before she looked up at the male, he was standing before her in his boxers with an envelope stretched towards her. With a smile she stood up and grabbed the envelope with one more kiss before he led her down the stairs and out the front door. It was never cold when the left, but they both left knowing that her client was pleased and from the feel of the envelope there was a very good tip. Mikaylaís driver was at the door waiting for her, and with a quick smile she walked down the steps towards the car, her hips swaying beneath her dress. She knew he was still watching her, why not give him a show while she left. Once she reached the car she glanced back and gave him a wink before she slid into the backseat and pulled the door closed behind her.

As expected her boss was waiting for her with a bright smile, and the envelope was handed to her. A sigh passed her lips as she leaned into the seat and glanced out the window as they started driving towards Mikaylaís home. This is how it always went, Lara would always meet her after a client meeting and sorted the money before giving Mikayla her cut. ďDamn, girl. He gave you a nice tip, an extra grand.Ē Another laugh passed as her shoulders shifted in a shrug and her attention slid back to the still gorgeous woman beside her,

ďI hope so, Iím still sore from the things we did last night. That man is almost as insatiable as you.Ē

Lara laughed at her words and shook her head before handing Mikayla the money. Delicate fingers and dropped it into her clutch before leaning back into the seat again. She was still thoroughly exhausted, sheíd gotten a good nightís sleep, but with the morning she had she was surprised she was still standing. Icy eyes fluttered closed as she took a deep calming breath and released it slowly before resting her head against Laraís shoulder. She felt the other womanís hand lift and stroke her cheek gently, Lara had always loved and gentle with Mikayla. She did after all train her, and it appeared that Mikayla had wiggled her way into the womanís heart. It was nice, especially since most of the people she was with, man and women alike were always looking for the rough sex to show dominance. Mikayla didnít mind too much, but her body did, and right now it was screaming at her.

Faceclaim: Lane Del Rey


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