Passing of PNCS John Glasgow

I came scross Chief Glasgow's name a few years ago and had this brief email chat with him. Anyone who spent time in Winter Harbor during the late 60's will remeber parts of this chat. RIP Chief

You are correct about all the stuff that he acquired for the base. I was there for all of that too. In fact, they had just got one of the snowmobile's and it was one of my Son's birthday, so I had special services bring it down to the old ball field. I had had a couple beers, and after I started it, instead of hitting the brakes, I hit the throttle on the handlebar and flew across the ball diamond and struct the old wooden bat storage thing there. Did a little damage to the snowmobile. If you worked in SecGruAdmin in the admin building, I was in the Personnel Office right next to it. And, it is odd that you mention your first liberty card. I showed that picture to my Wife today, and pointed out the initials G on the left side of Cdr Hahn's name. That is mine and meant that I had proofread it and it was ok for him to sign it. Also, we live in Scottsdale Az now, but are going to Winter Harbor next month. Altho the base is closed, it is some kind of educationial facility and I have made contact with them and are letting us stay in one of the cabins there. Nice chatting with you. John Glasgow PNCS, USN (Ret).
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> Dear Mr. Glasgow
> Saw your notice on the NAVSECGRU site that CDR Thomas Hahn passed away.
> Winer Harbor was my first duty station, Jan 67 until Oct 68 while CDR
> Hahn was the station CO.
> The notice brought back a number of memories although 40 years is a
> long time. I seem to recall that CDR Hahn tried to make the time in WH
> as reasonable as possible considering its remote location. I may be
> wrong, but I remember his purchasing a lobster boat for use. Also,
> getting two snowmobiles for sailors to ride around in the woods and I
> think he was responsible for a submarine visiting in 1968 ??. I also
> remember getting new snow skis during my time that I attempted to use
> during trips to mountains in Maine and Vermont.
> I recently found some old navy pictures/items and among them was my
> first liberty card and it was signed by CDR Hahn. The card and other
> items are on the Winter Harbor photo page on the NAVSECGRU web site.
> Again, sorry to hear of his passing. I did notice that he retired as a
> Captain.
> Sincerely,
> Ronald Lee Baker/former CTA3
> I worked in admin briefly before spending the rest of my tour at the
> antenna site in Corea.

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