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NOTICE: This board is a place to post classifieds relating to the ANGBA Nigora goat. It is hosted on a PUBLIC forum, it is not a private chat room, and as such all content posted within is or may be available for anyone to access on the internet. Please do not post any information of a personal nature that you do not wish to have available for viewing by the general public. This forum is subject to the Boards2Go terms of service and posting rules set forth by the ANGBA

The ANGBA Nigora is the first breed of goat in the U.S.A. to be bred specifically as a Fiber Producing Dairy Breed of any size. Nigoras are not a "designer" breed but a breed being produced to fill a need and a niche for people seeking to downsize or get back to basics... folks who are interested in providing for their families in an Earth-friendly, sustainable way. Nigoras were not created to be a "commercial production" goat; the ideal Nigora's job is to fill the role of milk producer for the average family, produce a beautiful cashgora type fleece found desirable by fiber artists and handcrafters, and provide companionship to people of all ages.

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Please ONLY post sales & want ads related to Nigoras, Nigerians, Angoras, other allowed breeding stock (see our website), goat related equipment & services. No spamming, off topic ads/posts, or links to unrelated content. Also, this is not a discussion forum, so please refrain from using it as such. All posts in violation of these rules, or B2G's TOS, will be deleted without notice and offenders will be banned from the board. Questions? Contact us at: ANGBA_Nigora_Goats@Yahoo.com Thanks!

(NOTE: Sales posts will remain on the board for one year, and ISO (in search of) posts for 2 years, from the time they are posted, after that they will be automatically removed. Please delete any posts for goats/items that have already been sold. Responding to replies is the responsibility of the original poster, so please remember to check back frequently.)

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