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19 Aug '19
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6 Oct '19
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16 Aug '19
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22 Jul '19
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6 Oct '19

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i started running as soon as my feet touched the ground.

Cursive Fonts

NAme: Autumn
gender: female

appearance: Autumn certainly is not hard to look at, no, and shes always had a look of innocence about her. her eyes are wide and doe-like, rimmed with dark fanning lashes always seeming to watch everything so closely, her blue orbs constantly taking in the environment and saving it in a memory for later. Her soft pink lips are always turned up in a smile, and she talks oh-so softly, her voice soothing to most. Her skin is a light porcelain color - silky smooth and flawless and so she's always appeared younger than she she is, often mistaken for a girl of sixteen or seventeen, not twenty-one. She looks taller than she really is, standing at only five foot three but the small tilt of her chin and her long slender legs would fool you.

personality: Autumn has a heart of gold. She's speaks softly despite the situation; you could be yelling and screaming in her face and she would still smile and talk calmly, being the sort to walk away from conflict and try and fix the problem, never resorting to violence unless she has no choice. she loves children and small animals, and could never hurt a soul. it breaks her heart to see anyone or anything in any sort of pain, and she has the habit of adopting injured animals and getting too attached, wishing they would never leave. It hurts her every time she has to send them home, but at the same time it fills her with a feeling of joy. This does cause a small problem though - she's never had a family, or a boyfriend. Simply she's never loved another human, and doesn't quite understand. She believes that people would just leave her like the animals do, but unlike them people wouldn't have a good enough reason to satisfy her. In short, she's kind, ANIMAL-LOVINNG, innocent and simply oblivious to the bad in the world.

other; can I use my coin on joining her with a familiar, please? A small Eriskay pony.
found: advertising somewhere, though I can't remember where >w<

~ autumn ~ 17 ~ female ~ race ~ arionia ~

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