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1984 Deep Response: Society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places

“Society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals.” I would say that this would be true. We already have a lot of cameras in public places, for example malls, stores, parks, streets, etc. In my opinion, there would not be much of a difference if a couple more cameras were set up. There are plenty of examples where this can be true, like with the Boston Bombing, but also false, where some people believe that there should not be cameras around because it is an invasion of their privacy.
The Boston Marathon Bombing happened in 2013, when, near the finish line, two bombs went off and killed 3 people, as well as around 260 people. The police were able to figure out who set off the bombs using public cameras and were able to track down the suspects only after a couple of days. After investigation, the police were also able to find out that the two men were planning to bomb Times Square after the marathon. If the police had not used the public cameras to find out who these men were, they would not have been able to find out this information and more people could have been injured and possibly killed. This is a fantastic example on why public cameras should be around public places.
Some people may argue that putting cameras around would invade their privacy because they do not know where the cameras are. That is exactly why the cameras would be used to catch criminals. If the cameras were in plain sight, criminals could sneak around the cameras or turn them off somehow. If they could not see them, it would be easier to see the criminals around. It is also not like the cameras are outside your house tracking your every move. The cameras would most likely only be around neighborhoods and streets. This would not affect your life much, unless you were acting suspicious doing something. If you have nothing to hide, you do not have anything to worry about. It should also not be considered an invasion of privacy because you are in a public area. Whether you are in a mall or a park, there will always be other people around you anyways. Other people will always be watching you if you think about it.
It is also not like the police are going to watch the tape every day. They will probably not watch tapes until something has happened. They will be able to use the footage like with the Boston Marathon Bombings. If anything, you should feel safe with cameras around because a criminal would not think of trying to commit a crime knowing there are cameras around. If you owned a store, for example, and the criminal committed theft, disabled your own personal security cameras, and got away, there would be cameras outside in the public place that would also be able to catch the criminal. Police can use the footage in court as proof or evidence in trial. If you were innocent and someone accused you guilty of stealing an item in their store, there would be cameras to prove your innocence. I am not saying that this would happen to you, but it is possible and you could prove your innocence. Cameras can also even be used to find people that have gone missing in abduction cases.
As you can see, public security cameras would be a very good idea. They can be used to track down criminal suspects and used in courts as evidence. Cameras have been used to find criminals that have gotten away and prove people’s innocence or to prove they are guilty. Security cameras in public should not be thought of as invasions of privacy, because they keep you safe and protected.

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