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1984 Anticipation Guide: Deep Thoughts Response BHS Honors English 9

“Reporters should submit their work to government officials so they may determine if it is a threat to the country.” I strongly disagree with this idea, and I can assure you I am not the only one. Why do you think the architects of our nation produced such robust legislature like the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights? Well they sure weren’t produced just to be thrown to the side by the government in 200 years. These men of wisdom were not just throwing together sentences when they were drafting these articles. They were taking into mind strict qualities of nature and thinking about the corruption that just one sour law could bring into play. “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” - Jim Morrison. I can bet the 1st amendment was drafted with qualities such as this in mind. Freedom of Speech is something we as Americans today are taking for granted. Speech is a privilege of nature, and in all ways any human’s freedom. How is watching what you’re saying at all times any more free than not being able to speak at all? It isn’t, instead it is treacherous, scandalous, and in all ways unethical. Today when you hear ‘Nazi Germany’ or ‘The Holocaust’, what comes to mind? You will probably think of something along the lines of treacherous, scandalous, or unethical. This is where you may start to draw the lines between the present and the past, and you wouldn’t be so wrong. Any newspaper submitted in Germany during the 1930’s had to be edited by Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi Party’s lead intellectual. Any and all Jewish Newspapers were executed, and anything that was published was anti-Semite, anti-Communist, anti-liberal and completely fawning towards Hitler. Joseph Goebbels, the person in charge of Nazi newspapers such as ‘Vőlkischer Beobachter’ and ‘Der Angriff’, made sure the German public only heard good news; as anything bad was not allowed to be reported. How different are these examples of Nazi media compared to the ideology beginning to be accepted today in America? They are not very different at all, and it could be seen as alarming. How often do you see reports on the corruption and violence going on in other countries like Syria or Ukraine on the news? You don’t see very much of this media at all, because most of it is swept under the rug like ‘bad news’. Allowing the government today to completely regulate our media would be giving it power very much similar to that the Nazi party had during the 1930’s. Media is the very thing depicting the general population’s beliefs and practices. Unfortunately, humanity easily falls victim to normality; always trying to fit in with the crowd, so you can feel at ease knowing you share something with others. Media takes advantage of that, spewing out every new fad, fashion, and trend we know today. What happens when this power is used for bad, as it easily could be in the wrong hands? It would be a frightening bridge to cross, and fortunately it is pretty easy to prevent. Do not give the government control of the media. Stick to your own ideas, and use your own brain to solve problems. Don’t try to rely on everybody else to make you who you are. Start your own trend, use your freedom of Speech for good, and pave a new path. Do not take your freedoms for granted; instead, try to always be thinking of new ways to practice them. Write a book, publish an article, start a newspaper, because you don’t know how much longer you have until you are considered a threat to the country for doing so.

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