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The Stranger Statement

Lizzy Matheson
Mrs. Allari
English 2H, Red 1
7 April, 2014
The Stranger Journal
On the Stranger Anticipation Guide, question number four states, "whether or not God exists is irrelevant because of free will." I do not agree with this statement for several reasons. The first and main reason that I do not believe this statement is because I am a Christian, and therefore I believe in God. However, I also believe in free will over fate because I do not believe that almighty forces control our actions and our life is already planned out to every little intricate detail. Even though I believe in free will, I do not think that free will takes the place of God and causes God to become irrelevant. I feel that this statement is also inaccurate because, since we have free will, we also need someone to watch over us, which is exactly what God does. In my opinion, the statement about free will and God has it backwards. I believe that because we have free will, someone needs to guide us. The only reason God would become irrelevant is if we were guided by fate. I believe this because, if everyone's life was already figured out and had to go a certain way, no matter what, God would not need to guide us because we would have no problem reaching what we are meant to do. Without free will, many people would figure that they would reach their destiny no matter what they do, so they would slack off and not try very hard at anything. But because we have free will, we believe that, in order to reach our goals and dreams and fulfill our expectations, we must work hard at everything. However, we must also realize that we can not do everything on our own, so we must ask for God's help so he can guide us so we can get back on the right path if we go off track. Even if humans did not believe God and free will were connected, we would not have any discipline. This is because if people truly believed that they had free will, which means they can do anything they want, and that God is irrelevant because we have free will, people would do terrible actions expecting there to be no consequences. Therefore, they would commit crimes and the world would be full of evil, all because their belief that free will means there is no God. Another reason that I believe that the fourth statement is not very accurate is because whether or not there is free will does not control whether or not God exists. Even though in order to have free will, we need God, free will does not determine if God exists. Free will could exist without God, but everything would be chaos. Therefore, we need God to keep everything in order. Also, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even though God plans for some things to happen, we are still free to react to those events however we want.

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