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english 2H

Kamea Campbell
Mrs. Allari
Red 1 English 2H
8 April 2014

Anticipation Guide

In life, I must make choices regardless of what’s best for others. I can only choose what’s best for me. In life, one is given a set of choices, all of which have different results. One might end with the person getting killed, while another might end up with the person becoming a millionaire. If the person knew what the consequences were, they would normally choose the millionaire. If that person chooses to be a millionaire, they might have taken it away from several rich people. In order for that person to not feel bad about themselves, they would either distract themselves, or they would make up an excuse, for example, “they deserved it.” The only thing a person truly worries about in their life is themselves. People steal to support themselves. They would sacrifice in order to keep up their appearance or to not be guilty in the future. Each person acts in this manner, even if they deny it.
A wonderful example of this idea is superheroes. Superheroes normally sacrifice their lives at least once in the comic books or television shows in which they reside. A reason why each one of them does that is because each time the audience is amazed because the audience knows that they could never make a decision like that. Each person knows that in life, they will make choices that will benefit themselves, regardless of others.
An argument against this is that people do many destructive things for others. People follow popular trends, they will hurt others if someone tells them to, people will even take drugs or drink alcohol, which destroy their body, if others are doing it. The fact is that these people are not doing it for others, but they are doing it for themselves.
The one thing that all humans wish for is acceptance. They wish to be acknowledged. Human beings crave interaction between themselves and another being. They will go to any extent so that they feel good about themselves. People follow popular trends in order to not feel left out, or odd. The people hurt others when given a command because they feel either useful or powerful. They destroy their body with drugs because at first they feel cool and accepted by others that are doing it, but eventually get addicted and use drugs just to feel “good.” People appear to be doing everything for the sake of others, but are doing it in order to achieve their pack mentality.
Taking drugs and drinking alcohol may not be particularly best for a person, but it is what made them feel accepted and good at one point in their life. Even though drugs affect a person poorly, it is one of the best examples for, “in life, I must make choices regardless of what’s best for others.” Their choice at that moment they decided was best for themselves, but it would end up affecting many. The choice may affect family members, teachers, friends, but most importantly, that person’s future self, who by making that choice now, is ruining all of their future life and possibilities. Therefore, in life, a person must make choices regardless of what’s best for others.

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