Fir Chilis is the name given to the dense string of forested land that fills much of Blossom Forest. There are two different populations, depending on where in the land you are. To the north lays the deciduous forest, full of maples, oaks, birches, and beeches. To the south lay a coniferous forest full of pines and firs. No matter where you are, the trees shelter you from the sun and the rain and the snow. Take care not to get lost in the woods however - you may never find your way out. There are other dangerous here too - predators waiting for their own prey. While the land is prosperous they do not pose too much of a threat, but whenever famine or drought hits, they will attack anything... even other Putnar.

Those looking to hunt will find the forests well stocked - there are white-tailed deer, turkeys, red squirrels, chipmunks, mermots, and moose.


Midnight's Magic

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The cry of his howl moved her still, her head raising into the air and pools along her face reaching a full density. Should it be real, or perhaps a finger from a dream, a written envelope drifting over the breeze. It was a calling, plain as day. Echos of his barren voice already climbing higher into the sky than she ever realized. But with it, with every single morsel of anything ingrained into the call, the vixen turned her heels, a small pivot in the ground marking her decision and springing into the air towards anything she still wanted to call hers. Everything around her surged into a tight blur, vision clouding between light and dark and the brown mixing in with yellow. Until finally the cliff loomed over her. He climbed that? By himself?

Minutes seemed to blur together as the ess made her way up the tall cliff. Thoughts were racing through her mind, questions seizing to be answered. What did he want to talk about up here? Should she listen to him? How was she positive he wouldn’t run again? Magic couldn’t help it; every wolf was entitled towards thinking and mixed behavior of some kind and the thought of it dwelled within her thoughts. Until she saw him, peeking out over the world with his brown eye, seeing the world differently than she ever could. He looked the same, distantly smelled the same. Her breath caught in her throat was him. And he had come back. To her. Magic’s voice rose once again, her greeting coming out fast and smooth, mellifluous in her own little way. But what she saw in his eyes, why had she seen it, started to frighten her away. Was that...fear? It was the exact last thing the vixen wanted, for her mate to be afraid of her. Shattered bits of her heart bleeding out onto the ground. But he seemed to be having a harder time than she.

Glitch began to stand, the fae watching him eagerly with an aud twitching at her head. But then he fell, and she surged forward, leaning her shoulder along the side without a leg. The girl helped him stand, watching as the brute’s knees shook with something completely different than anticipation. What had happened to him? “Glitch-” But then he stood, and the emotion in his eyes came back, and burned her body in doing so. Fear was not something she had wanted him to ever experience when he looked at her. And now it was coming to life. And before the blackness around the edge of her vision went away, the brute ran, hobbling out towards the mainland of the cliff and gone forever again. Oh, but Magic was not going to let that happen this time. No. She would not let it happen again. Her hackles sprang with a bleeding effort that surged through her body. She stumbled forward, finding him fast and quickly as he lay in a heap on the ground. What had happened to him? Would he ever go back to normal?

And he fell asleep. The girl stood bewildered for a moment, her jaw dropped as confusion replaced anything that was in her mind. He knelt down, touching her nose to his head and giving it a nudge. “Glitch. Wake up. Wake up now.” She wouldn’t let this happen. Not if she could do something to stop it.

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