Cat pooping/peeing outside of litter box


I've had my male cat for about 5 years. He's neutered, front claws are de-clawed, and he has all of his shots. In October I went to the vet for a check-up and to get rid of any fleas and/or tapeworms he may or may not have. It turns out he did have fleas and potentially tapeworms so the vet gave me some medication for it. Anyway, we recently moved about 7 months ago. At our old house my cat would always use the litter box whether it be pee or poop . However at night I would let him roam around outside and in the morning I would let him inside. So rarely I would have to clean the litter box since he would do is business outside. Since we've moved into a new house I kept him in doors since he keeps running back to our old house (luckily it's not too far away that I can go and retrieve him). When we first moved to our new house he peed and pooped into the box as usual however for the past month he's been pooping and peeing outside the box. I removed the lid in case maybe he didn't like the enclosed space but he still does it. So I'm wondering maybe he want's to go outside so bad that he pooping and peeing in rebellion. Any tips or advice would be grateful. Thank you:)


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