Re(1): Cat pooping/peeing outside of litter box

Dear Meaghan;
That's a tough one -- major changes for kitties are always a problem.
Take a look at our opening screen. You will see a hot link entitled "Cat Care." Click on it and you will see "Litter Box Mistakes." You may find some help there, as others have done.
As a last ditch desperate measure, I would suggest you confine Kitty at night into a small space --cage or small room-- with his dinner, water bowl and kitty box.
He's missing his nightly walks, which is understandable. But outdoor catts -- even semi-outdoor cats like your guy -- do not live very long. Could you take him outdoors during the day on a leash? This might not be his ideal of "born free" but it will keep him alive and more satisfied, and your floors un-dirtied.
Give him plenty of time to get used to his new routine, this is going to be a tough one for him.
Good luck to both of you.
-- Dear Tabby

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