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Selling Real contact with Alien

Selling a really established contact with an extraterrestrial civilization of indekritov . As an evidence of a real contact - by phone will call UFO anywhere in the world . . interested in receiving extraterrestrial knowledge and technology , please refer to the data at the end of this page in the social network " Vkontakte " " alexander black" ( as other Internet resources information Edward Snowdon viewed USA ) on this page posted photos and videos of previous cases of calling UFOs . Also there are recording and several witnesses of calling UFOs . one of the call was organized in Samara - also at the end of this ads. interested buyer can check the photos and videos for installation and rigging , as well as the witnesses to verify . but it is better to see for yourself , for real! price starts from 2 billion euros + fees and taxes. interested mediators UFO environment can add your interest rate . on this forum no debate will take place , all correspondence I ask have in Russian .I think, a real buyer can afford it . acquisition of knowledge and technology from aliens is organized the following way : The buyer contact transmits data about specific scientists and their research topics to aliens . those in their turn send information directly to the brain specific teachings of his category . because aliens are perfect at neiron communication .confirmation of connection with the aliens is going directly through the brain , i.e Communication by neural fields in the head and transmission this to the torsion fields have witnesses call UFOs and without technical devices directly by thought . these witnesses interested buyer also check on the polygraph .
skype: gorodok gorodok, alexblack
phone: +79277466222
profile “vkontakte” ( with photos, videos and reviews of witnesses ): http://vk.com/login?act=mobile&hash=2691d66e302e242d # / alexander_cherny
Meeting about calling UFOs :
http://vk.com/login?act=mobile&hash=2691d66e302e242d # / event56685657

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