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CFS treatment to much for me to choose the right path

Hi James, I came across you when looking into ozone therapist for CFS. Your knowledge really impressed me and my instincts are all saying I can Trust you, as there are so many pedallers out there. I have had CFS for 10 years im at the better end as in I still manage to work 4 days a week but not able to do much more. My story is long so will try to keep this short as I guess you are a busy man. Aged 19 I had a Road Trafic accident, Ruputred bladder, Brocken hips and pelvis, back injury, and later complicated by a Pulmonary Thrombosis which required emergency surgery. So as you can see my body went though it as the years went on and i recovered from my injuries other problems came. I was having constant tummy problems (Diagnose given as IBS) feeling unwell (Virus like) more and more often, aching then the fatigue and brain fog. This eventually after a few years lead to diagnoses of CFS. After having all the physical injuries of the accident repaired this diagnoses was hard to take as there was no real treatment (that ive found) Recently I began my search again for new information and most of it is difficult for me to understand and to fish out the ones that may help without spending a small fortune in trying them all (I dont have a small fortune)

Can you HELP? can you point me in the right path. I have come across a few thing could you please give me your opinion on them if you feel they could benefit and help my CFS

The Idea of being toxic ?and the usuage of things like uric acid and potential of scavenging peroxynitrics? could this help?

something I came acrosss its very expensive around 4000 uk pounds do you think the science holds up on this
really would like your opinion on this as im seriously considering this one.

what about Ozone therapy for CFS ?

Adrenal support, what would i need for this?

Ive also just read some artical on the potential of H202 (food grade hydrogen peroxide) This one did scare me a little and would not want to try this without someone that understands what this is and if its safe, can you comment?
Im just bemused with all the info and not able to decipher the science/real form the wacky stuff, I would really love to have your help. Do you have your own approach and or test I should have done to identify or eliminate possible causes for the way i feel?

Kind Regards

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