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The Crucible

Confessing to a crime you didnít commit in order to avoid punishment is wise is not a good idea. Doing such an act is not wise because youíd be confessing to a crime you didnít commit. Regardless of weather thereís a punishment for it or not it will still be set on your record for life. Also having any type of criminal back round could void you from getting a job and seriously ruin your life. Another scenario to consider when admitting to a crime you did not commit is in the publicís eyes you will also be seen and known as the person who committed the crime weather you really did it or not.
Confessing to any type of crime is not a good idea especially one you didnít commit. Once your booked for the crime its on your record for life. Which means now any person that does a back round check on you will see that you once committed a crime. Having a crime on your record is a serious problem it can be the difference maker in almost anything. Once someone sees you committed a crime no matter how small or big they start to second guess what they trust you with.
Also having any type of criminal back round can leave you jobless and put your hole life down the drain. Almost every job in the world will do a back round search on you and once they do they will see how it says youíve committed a crime. Employers donít want to hire ex cons to work for them. You could have all the potential and requirements for the job but once they see the criminal record there go to the next person who has all the same potential and requirements and no criminal record. If you are lucky enough to get a job it wont be a very good one just good enough to feed yourself and your live a miserable life.
The worlds a judgmental place to begin with you donít need to give people anymore reasons to judge you than they can already think of themselves. confessing to a crime will do exactly that. People who you once thought where your friends will no longer want to associate with you. Neighbors will look at you differently and no one will want to be around you and the people who do will always be spectacle of you. Everywhere you go eyes will always be on you waiting to see if your commit another crime or do something troublesome.
Confessing to a crime you did not commit is a terrible idea. No one should have to live the rest of there live under a telescope for something they did not do. The rest of your life will be miserable and you essentially will be an outcast to the world its not worth it for confessing to something you did not do.


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