my 14 year old female cat has suddenly started peeing everywhere!

My 14 year old cat mainly lives outside and in the garage so she doesn't have a litter box but she comes in a few hours most days and always used to meow at the door to go out when she wanted the toilet but now she will pee in the living room every time she comes in-she will spray it all up the wall,its horrible.She manages to poo outside,thank goodness,which makes me wonder if theres something wrong with her bladder.She also has bald patches and a wonky walk-like her back legs are out of sync with the front ones.She was treated for allergys but the fur still never grew back and they say the walk is arthritis but I can feel a lump on her spine-This all started around the same time of the peeing,should I be worried? It could also be stress-her sister recently died and they'd been together since birth,they did fight quite a lot but they'd often be curled up together or grooming each other,so I don't know if that could be the cause?
Is there anything I can do to make her less stressed or should I take her back to the vet?
I also think she might have peed in her basket and the pee smells worse than usual.I'm not sure if there was blood in the pee one time-there was red stuff on the side of the basket,but I did drop a red lipstick on the floor near the cat basket the other day so I can't be sure it wasn't from that,it did smell really bad though


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