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I disagree with the statement ďthe n-word is more offensive than other racial slurs because of the history of hate behind itĒ. The reason why I disagree with this statement is because when a black person calls a white person a cracker they feel the same way as a black person getting called a Niger by a white person. Because all that a racial slur is it's stereotyping and stereotyping is basically looking at someone and saying who they are, how they act, and what they do based on what they look like or the color of their skin and itís just wrong if you ask me. You canít make one racial slur worse than all the other ones just because of the background of that race, because if you do when you think about it your being racist towards every other race and your being bias towards that one race. Every racial slur is just as bad as the other one there is no difference between them they are all the same and they all cause the same amount of pain as well.
It does not matter if the racial slur Niger, cracker, dot head, slant eye, rag head/towel head, wetback, or even mud/mud blood they are all the same and you canít put one in front of the other or you are being racist as well. Now Iím not saying that these words should never be said because there are some people that take on their races stereotypical behaviors, thoughts, looks, and actions but these words should only be used when appropriate for if they are used when not appropriate they are not considered words any more but they are racial slurs. The blacksí background doesnít matter because at least one time in history every race was traded/auctioned off for something in return and put to work as slaves it just so happens that blacks were the most recent out of all of them. So when you think about it slavery really isnít racist it was just in our barbaric nature and you canít say that only a person with a racist mind would think of slavery because slavery is not racist but it is inhumane and wrong in every way and it shouldnít happen at all. There for if said correctly racial slurs arenít racial slurs but they are words, but if said incorrectly racial slurs can produce anger, sadness, loneliness, and pain also all racial slurs are equal and have equal effects and one can not be put in front of all of them.

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