Fir Chilis is the name given to the dense string of forested land that fills much of Blossom Forest. There are two different populations, depending on where in the land you are. To the north lays the deciduous forest, full of maples, oaks, birches, and beeches. To the south lay a coniferous forest full of pines and firs. No matter where you are, the trees shelter you from the sun and the rain and the snow. Take care not to get lost in the woods however - you may never find your way out. There are other dangerous here too - predators waiting for their own prey. While the land is prosperous they do not pose too much of a threat, but whenever famine or drought hits, they will attack anything... even other Putnar.

Those looking to hunt will find the forests well stocked - there are white-tailed deer, turkeys, red squirrels, chipmunks, mermots, and moose.


You can't resist the urge to love me.

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How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It's simple. I drink the blood of young runaways;; William Shatner


Chocolate orbs scanned the ravished flesh of a large rabbit, ripped and shredded, with a gaping hole where a toffee brown eye once sat- the socket bare and cavernous- almost welcoming like a cave in a strong winter storm. Blood stained the snowy white patch painted upon the pauper’s canvas as his tongue lapped against each and every ivory soldier that lined his chiselled jaw, tasting the life sustaining liquid that was now pouring from the shattered skeleton of the rabbit and staining the earth on which it lay. The short chase had managed to quench the wolf’s desire for fun and excitement and its tender body would provide enough sustenance to keep the brute happy until his next full meal. The scent of blood hung heavily in his nostrils as it dried upon his frame, leaving him with a less than charming appearance, not up to standard at all. After completing his final search for any juicy morsels left upon the carcass, Harries strode over the body; an easy act for one blessed with lengthy stilts, and left it to the parasites of the earth. All flesh would soon be a distant memory and the body would decay, leaving no trace of any activity that fell upon the day of its death. It would be like the rabbit simply didn’t exist and that was exactly how Harries intended to live his new life.

So far the auburn prince had done well in keeping his name a secret; the inhabitants of Blossom were still unaware of the manipulative psycho lurking in the background. Rumours had spread like wild fire about a russet female within the walls of Cold Summers whose body was wracked with the beginnings of labour. A wicked smile, more shark-like than anything, caressed the male’s features at the thought of the horrors she would birth. Of course his protégé, Zorion, was keeping a close eye on the goings on but the pack was making it extremely difficult- especially her idiot father. Harries had stalked the one dubbed Lycaon not long ago, keen to see the wolf who would no doubt have a paw in raising his children. The kalak had been surprised by the beast who held such power and ferocity, and had quickly decided that should Lycaon ever find out who he truly was, he would make plans and leave blossom forever- well at least until the moron was killed or died. But for now he remained a shadow in the darkness, nothing but a nightmare for poor little Apollonia and Harries had found that he was truly enjoying this new life he had created for himself.

Paws embraced the earth below as he strutted his way through the forest, domes swivelling atop his cranium as birds screeched their alarm calls. Sun penetrated small holes in the dense foliage, the light coming to fall in patches on his auburn frame and ignite a fire of colour. Spring was well and truly in full swing, clutching tightly onto the land and Harries was thrilled by the prospects that the warmer months would bring; yet more females to take advantage of. His lips were pulled tight over his teeth as a smile took over his features, portraying the monster that lurked beneath the toned muscles and fiery cloak. With this thought stuck tight within his mind, the kalak was filled with a sudden surge of energy that propelled him forwards at a graceful lope. The path through the forest was long and winding but Harries remained strong and confident as he coursed his way along it, failing to even break into a sweat as he travelled. Athletic activities caused no strain upon his body thanks to the years of training he had partaken in with his sire and so he completed the journey and emerged from the tree line in nothing more than mere minutes.

He was now in the open, the small breeze ruffling his velvet robes as he eyed his surroundings, noting rainbow cliff in the horizon, as a King would survey his kingdom. He had never been to the cliffs before and so he once again forced his body into a sprint. It was then, as he approached the daunting giant, that something of interest caught his attention- a song upon the breeze. His legs were instantly drawn to the foot of the cliff where the voice, more like a demand, had drifted from, the smile fading ever so slightly from his jaws as he climbed the steep slope without hesitation. Though the song was not one that brought good feelings to his chest, Harries was beckoned by the tune- drawn to it like a bee to honey. And so it did not take him long to find the source of the song; like a ghost from his past. Rich chocolate gazers took in the form of a small female kalak, blessed with beauty and grace and a petite figure that men would die for. Except for Harries. Slowly he moved towards her, still saying nothing as words failed to form in his throat. Soon he was before her and his eyes gazed directly into her own pools, the usual glint fading completely from his irises. This fox was different from the rest, for she was his sister.

”What are you doing here Shae?” A mix of irritation and contentment slurred his usually charming baritones as they fluttered bluntly from his jaw. Truthfully he had not expected them to find him here- or was it that he simply didn’t want to be found and he had known all along that sooner or later a sibling would be cast into his shadow. Harries hadn’t even needed to ask the question, for he already knew the answer- his sires doing-, yet he needed to hear the words from her mouth as a sort of reassurance. His banner swished lazily from side to side, before he took a seat not far away from his sister and his tail was left to flop on the hard floor of the cliff crevice. Shae had always been a pawn for their father and it wasn’t a surprise that he was once again using her as a tool to complete his jobs. The real question was; what did his father want, or need? ”Darling sister, do not waste my time. I have more important things to be dealing with and as much as I love you, I cannot deal with your princess attitude. Run home to mummy why don’t you.” Finally the smirk, which appeared to run throughout his lineage, caressed his features once again.


.: King .:. Free spirit .:. Spreading the seed .:. No rules contain me .:. Many siblings .:. xhollowremains .:. OOC: I LOVE SHAE <3:.


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