Re(1): My cat is pooping in my newborn sons room

Dear Toni;

Please don't get rid of Lily. There are a number of reasons for "litter box mistakes." On our opening screen, you will see a hot link called "Cat Care." Click on that and you will see a bunch of titles, about cat care of course -- especially one called "Litter Box Mistakes." Many people have been helped by its suggestions.
It's possible Lily feels you like the "new kitten" better than you like her, and she is trying to make the point that she is still the "boss cat." There are ways to get the point across to her that she is not de-throned from her role as Only Cat. Do make sure she gets as many pets and playtimes as before Mr. Baby arrived. Lily loves you, and just fears you no longer love her. I think you can solve this problem.
Good luck to you, Lily and of course to Mr. Baby.

-- Dear Tabby

P.S. That old tale about cats "sucking the infant's breath" is total nonsense. Really. It does not happen..

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