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These spots won't lie to me

*Name: DeeAnna Coharten
*Biological sex: Feminine
*Appearance (include eye/skin/hair colour): 5'4" weighing around 120 pounds. She has shoulder length blonde hair that falls in waves around her face and shoulders when down. She has pretty ocean blue eyes. Her skin is softly tanned a honey color.

Gender: Female
Age: 23 Years
Personality: DeeAnna is sociable though; she can be quiet. She has her downfalls as anyone might. She has a bubbly personality for the most part and can warm up to you pretty quickly. If you are nice to her then she is nice to you. Should you step on toes though; her kindness may change toward you. She doesn't like being manipulated and never has.

History: In a life beyond now, she was a full-blooded Clouded Leopard. Something changed her though; she still isn't sure what. She can never understand what happened and is likely to never remember. Her memory was wiped though; she can still shift into her feline form. She is at least glad that she has something familiar even if she doesn't recall much of her past. She only has her affinity for animals and that she loves all creatures. This is something she never lost even now. It troubles her and even scares her that something happened and she's still getting used to the fact that she must be a humanoid like creature for most of the time. She still makes mistakes and their ways still confuse her. Perhaps they always will but she's learning slowly.

Anything else you wish to include: Using my coin for a Clouded Leopard Shift at Join.

*Your player name: Kcat

*How you found out about us (only required if joining for first time): Georgia and sister sites. I've seen the mention on Sanctuary of course. This is where I originally heard bout Shaman. Well, more remembered about it. I've seen it over a good time period here and there.

It was late in the evening hours when the young woman found herself wandering the paths of the woods. It was one of her favorites times of the day to think. The late evening hours when there was little else around to bother her. Her mind would bring forth all that had happened in the day-time and she could mull over those thoughts. They often brought smiles to her face but not always. There were times when anger bubbled up and sorrow found way past the happiness.

These were times that she found herself never enjoying. They were memories she could not recall and faces she didn't remember. They were a past forgotten and yet; there somehow. She could not ever bring them to the surface and this frustrated her more times than it did not. It couldn't be helped though and she usually just gave up in trying to recall. It was clear that she never would. Her mind still gets that confusion though and she tries hard as she may to remember. She can be found crying in the evening hours sometimes, but she wishes many never to see this. She doesn't want to trouble them as there is little that they could do either. They don't know her past anymore than she can remember it. This is not something that will ever change.

A soft sigh finds her lips and today; was a good day. Her thoughts were not troubling and there was only a pleasant bliss to mull over. A soft smile finding her lips now and she moves throughout the paths. She's the clouded leopard now. Rich blue eyes peering out into the night ahead of her as she moves. Her body is effortless on this path as she advances and she finds a spot to rest. Her body pulls up into the branches of a thick tree and she sprawls out over a branch. Eyes cast back down on the world only briefly before she closes them and drops her head to her paws. The thick spotted cat finds herself falling into a soft slumber then so that she may find herself in thought. Dreaming perhaps of the days past.

Perhaps she may remember something in those dreams but by her waking moments, they are gone again. She'll be back where she started once more with no way to recall. This is the life she's destined to live; her mind she's destined to deal with. Thoughts that are there, but not there. Something she knows is there and yet; never there. Such a pity really that she must deal with, but it is something she has come to understand. Even in her frustration; it is hers to deal with and she rarely brings it out to others.

    • accepted -

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