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can you feel me now

edn wakes up in a flurry of sheets and limbs. If it wasn't so freezing in his room all the time, he wouldn't even bother to sleep with a blanket. Unfortunately, that isn't even true either, edn feels the need to sleep with his whole entire body covered, with only a little space for him to stick his nose through so he can breathe, because he feels if he doesn't something will come and eat him in the middle of the night. Irrational, but not entirely crazy. It's completely possible that something could come get him while he's sleeping. Still, it'd be much easier for him in the mornings to not have to fight with the god damn sheets before, usually, falling out of bed and then scrambling up and dashing to the bathroom in the hopes that he'll get there in time. He doesn't know how he goes through this ritual every morning, since there is literally nothing in his stomach for him to throw up, but it happens anyways. The fairy boy is left crying his eyes out on the ground, bent over a toilet as his body is wrenched back and forth, trying to find something to get rid of. Usually what comes up though, is blood. Whether it's right then or a little bit later, maybe when he spits on the sidewalk as he's walking, or after he's done rinsing his mouth off in the sink and goes to wipe his face. There's always blood somewhere, and by now he's made himself used to it.

He slowly makes his way back to his room, collapsing onto his bed face down when he arrives, even though he knows he can only stay like this for a few moments. Today was one of the four days a week that edn forced himself up and out of the house, since it was "good for him" to get out, and he knows that if he stays like this he'll fall asleep again. He turns his head to cough into the mattress below him, and then stills. "Dammit." As he pulls away he can see a flash of red, and when he's back enough, he can see it all. There's the blood, he'll just hope it's the last of it.

The buzzing in his ear is particularly annoying today. It's only in his left ear, as it's always been, but that doesn't make any sense. edn is deaf in his left ear, yet he can hear this pesky buzz that never goes away. He's just blessed all over, you know? One deaf ear that can still hear, but not the actual sounds around him. One blind eye, the blue one, that can't even see shadows or darks and lights, it's literally useless. He can't eat anything without fear of vomiting it back up maybe minutes later, and thus he barely weighs eighty pounds. edn's life is just full of fun things.

After a little he gets the energy to get out of bed. edn manages to slip on a pair of dark skinny jeans that are baggy on him, as well as a cute little black hoody with the most clever saying on it, "Too cute to prostitute." This is how he leaves the house, white faux hawk not touched since he had woken up this morning. It's messy in that "I just woke up and don't give a eff" style, but he can't be bothered to try and fix it. There's a bottle of water stuffed in his pocket that will probably not be drank out of, but he brings it for appearances. When you're going to the beach, it's already odd enough to wear a hoodie and jeans, he might as well try to appear normal. He should have put sunscreen on his face, he remembers as he's already a quarter of the way to the Cove, and he's too lazy to go back. At least he's mostly covered up, only his cheeks and scalp may burn if he stays out in the sun too long, but that is unlikely to happen anyways. More likely than not, edn will settle down somewhere on the beach in the shade and stay out there long enough to be considered "out", and then he'll make a hasty retreat back indoors.

A little while later and edn found himself curled up under a tree with his back propped against it and a book in his lap, tuned out to the world around him and completely immersed in what he was reading. edn was like that, one to get easily lost in a book, to fall in love with characters and to cry his eyes out when they died, or were injured, or were heartbroken. Because these were the people he connected with, these were the people that he wished he could spend his days with. Sighing out loud to himself without even realizing he was doing it, he focused on trying to guess which hero his heroin was going to end up with.

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