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Re(2): Leaky Gut, Candida

I learned of you thru a video regarding PH balance. I have been dealing with severe Candida issues for the past year to the extent that my arms were so broke out that the skin came completely off of both arms. I now have all new skin, hair, sweat glands, and even freckles but I am breaking out again left hand, right arm and both feet. I have done MUCH research and it is soooo hard to find good dependable info. Or at lease it is hard to KNOW that it is good info. I was of course drinking PH water cuz I was told..... well, you know... I learned the hard way that one should cleanse the channels of elimination before creating die off tho I am not sure of the proper way to do this either. I am thankful for essential oils for much of my healing, but I am obviously missing some info because I just can't seem to get it in balance. I do not recognize any of your responses on curezone that you linked to here (thinking they may have been removed altogether by now) and I am very interested in your guidance here.

Also interested for my many new friends combating this as we have formed a support group to help each other as best we can because we know we cannot depend on "modern medicine". Please help us!


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