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i know why the caged bird sings.

if you've got nothing to dance about find a reason to sing

Gianni Lambayo

Years Old

Italian descent


Gianni stands at a mere 5’3”. She has a petite stature but is bustier in the right places. Her stomach is flat and tone while her breasts seem slightly larger for her frame, though not too much. Her legs are a little on the longer side for her body, but are smooth and beautiful. She has slightly tan skin, as if she has been just barely touched by the sun. Her hair is a light brunette color, with several layers. She has pouty lips, a small button nose, and her eyes are colored that of a dark, piercing sea blue. On the palm of her right hand she has been branded with a black slave with a symbol that she keeps covered at all times; usually wearing a leather, fingerless glove on both hands as to not to draw attention to herself. (The symbol is somewhat a tribal symbol that covers most of her palm; the symbol is ancient and to her master it meant ‘slave’ and that she was his.)

Personality: When it comes to fight or flight, Gianni will do anything to get away. She is soft spoken, and being raised as a slave, she has learned that women are to speak when spoken to. Of course there are times where she voices her opinions, all while knowing she might get a slap across the face. Her mentality is that of a slave. Besides only speaking with permission, she is prone to doing what others say without question, and to being extremely loyal. While she is brave for leaving her master, she is scared. She has never been without leadership, never been on her own. She’s very naïve, quiet, and submissive, and every once in a while she tries to show a more dominant side. She also fears being caught and put back into slavery. Never truly having anyone there for her, she doesn’t trust easily, if at all. She believes that everyone has a motive behind what they do, no matter how good the intent may seem.

History: Gianni comes from a very poor family. She was the youngest and most despised of five children. The pregnancy that created her wasn’t just an accident but also a crime as her mother was raped. Her father, trying to appear as the better man, forgave the sin that had taken place and agreed to raise the child as if it were his own. But upon being born, it was more than obvious that not only her surrogate father but also her mother hated her. She was ignored and looked down upon, the only reason she survived was because her older sister took care of her to the best of her ability. She was the red headed step child and always got the short end of the stick. While the parents wished she was struck with illness, their prayers were, in a way, answered when Serafina was only six years old.

In what seemed to be the family’s darkest hour, the light at the end of the tunnel was visible when a very wealthy many visited their small town. He was different, and instated fear into everyone as his skin was pale as snow and his eyes were blood red. He went from house to house; rumors had it that he was looking to take a human back with him. Without second thought, Gianni’s father approached the vampire, offering up his six year old child for a small bag of silver and gold; enough money to maybe get them through the end of the month. In the blink of an eye she was gone from her small town, taken away in carriage, her parents seeming not to care of what may possibly happen to her and little Gianni to never see them again.

The child had been bought by a very old, and very old fashioned vampire by the name of Valentino. He was well known amongst the vampire’s in Italy as he was the head of a very large coven that expanded into the Italian Mafia. He was feared by other vampires and humans alike for his power. Of course Serfina never called him Valentino, only my lord, or master. The six year old was branded in the palm of her right hand, a symbol that Valentino gave all of his slaves, a crest to ensure that should they get away, they could be identified by nearly anyone.

She was then given to the other servants of the house whom were all human. She was raised by them as if they were her own mothers. Year by year went by and as Gianni grew up, she learned how to do more chores, and how to keep the master happy. She learned quickly that small mistakes lead to beatings, and larger mistakes lead to worse. The rules of the house she learned to live by. There weren’t many, but they meant everything.

On her 21st birthday she overheard her master talking about how he was raising her to be wed to his nephew; as a gift. Wanting to spread her wings and live her own life, the maids in the house told her of another world that she could go to if she wanted to. What choice did the girl have? And with that, she was taken off Earth and dropped into the world of Shaman to start her new life.

****I’d like to use my coin for her to have Empathy: She can feel the emotion of those around her. Also, she can change others emotions by touching them. She is still young so it takes a lot of concentration for her to be able to manipulate someone else’s emotion. As she gets stronger, eventually she will be able to manipulate emotions without touch. For now, she can feel every emotion around her. The stronger and darker the emotion (ie anger, sadness) that more energy it takes from her, but the lighter the emotion (happiness, laughter) the more her energy is restored.

Weakness: Gianni is gullible, she is easily persuaded. She does not like to upset someone. Due to being raised with the mindset of a slave she is prone to doing what she is told without question. She also has a fear of heights.

Her other weakness is her power can drain her energy, making her feel lethargic and weak if she is around too much negativity.

OOC Jayde

Sister site of The Burdened

the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


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