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Re(2): 2014 videos on nmmtpa

I was the one who suggested this and as i said in the post i wasn't trying to cause a problem! But with that i would like to defend my comments and say that these wheels that the silicone tires are on are only $9 vs $50 for the aluminum and tire cost is probably about the same so this is a non factor. This would not be a need for a larger motor if the rule states the engine size you must stay with it and use tires that your engine can handle. If you want to change gears that would be your choice as it is now but would not be required, everyone plays with gear ratios now with the rubber tires. We do sand and work with our rubber tires and gears and engines constantly and no one has mentioned changing the engines. This test was done on the 3lb tractor also and engine was not a problem nor gear ratio and as for adding weight that is never consistent, that all depends on a lot of factors i have seen it take more weight to stop the pros now depending on weather and track condition and which sled we are pulling. I haven't seen anyone wanting to quit the class at all and i don't think having another option would cause an issue, it is not saying you have to run one specific tire it is simply giving you an OPTION as in all the other classes and just because we got that result from the tires we tried doesn't mean that will happen every time as you see in Terry's test he did not get the same results.As I stated in the post I just wanted people to give it some thought, I am not asking you to vote on it today but wanted folks who do not have a set of silicon tires available to them to see it since there was talk about it at the amp.


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