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Re(7): 2014 videos on nmmtpa

Silicone is an easy out for getting rid of black marks. It takes more skill, for lack of a better term, to run the rubber Pro-Stock tires, in my opinion. Just wondering, what is the durometer reading on these silicone tires? I think the black mark rule had to do with trying to get the Ertl tires soft enough to be able to pull, before the newer mass produced rubber tires like we use today became available to all pullers, could be wrong though. I really think the black marks are a non issue, except for getting the marks off of the track for the next puller. Jim Adams has a track cleaning process that will get the black off of the track for the next puller, so use it! Tired of all the belly aching! Sand your track down, paint it black, revarnish, and you won't have black marks show-up.


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