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Dear James,

I'm 37(M). I've had balanitis for several years resulting in a red glinsing area. I have used different cremes and now I'm using this type Pevisone - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Econazole/triamcinolone but even though the inflammation is not aggresive, it doesn't go away and it often itches and can be somewhat painful from time to time. My doctor said is was not through sexual activity that it appeared. I already got a skin sample taken and was told it is a fungus that comes from wihtin. I do rinse with water and neutral soap every other week, but I could be even more rigorous with that.

Can you give a quick discription of Balanitis (in your words) and how to cure it (for good?). Someone wrote on the internet that cononut oil is good. Is that true? Also if you can write what the infection feeds on (like sugars or what not) and if that is the case, how I may adjust my diet to that. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks

(Just as an additional information: I'm generally healthy and don't smoke nor have I ever smoked anything or taken drugs and I rarely drink alcohol. I drink 1-3 cups of coffee every day, and hectic days with so-called stress also can occur throughout the month. Anything else just ask)

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