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19 Aug '19
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6 Oct '19
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16 Aug '19
Goblin, Isobel, Nineve, Noelle, Pipsqueak, Pyre
23 Aug '19
Cleopatra, Felle, Jura, Kharga, Oliver, Simon
6 Oct '19
Adalia, Hemlock, Jared, Odelle, Sherlock, Sirius
19 Aug '19
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22 Jul '19
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6 Oct '19

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salt water veins


olive toned fingers tap in beat to an unheard sound as i stare with mild interest towards the drunkard who has dared to place himself before me. he is speaking, or something, i can't really tell for his words have already become far too jumbled for me to comprehend. his hands are upon my table, his body leaning forward then backward even with the steadying of his palms upon the smooth wood. i glance down towards his hands, taking note of the sweat that has already begun to build there. how cute, the large pig was nervous. i allow my plush lips to quirk into an amused filled smile, gaze shifting back to his own dark gems casually. he has grown silent, looking upon me in hope and then i realize he has asked me a question. " Pardon? "i can hear the thick accent i have been granted at birth slide out from my words. that 'r' rolling easily. i lift a slender brow, ceasing the drumming of my fingers as i stare at him in question. "dugz aren' alud in hur," i blink at him for a moment, trying to register what gibberish he has spoken to me.

then it hits me.

i smirk, turning my gaze downward towards the furry auburn colored ball at my feet. i stare at my darling, almost baffled by the stupidity this bloke has. perhaps i'll blame it upon the drinks he has had, or maybe, he was naturally too dumb to realize that the 'dog' he spoke of was my very own familiar who was actually, a fox. i sigh lightly, turning my head to the left and raising my gaxe up at him. i smile politely, leaning in close and he seems to shiver in delight. disgusting. i can smell the alcohol on his breath along with the stench of underwashed armpits. " Ascoltare, (listen), a fine gentiluomo ( gentleman) such as yourself shouldn't be so eager to seek out trouble," i practically purr it at him, allowing my face to draw close to his own as my right hand slides from the table towards my belt loop where my dagger rests. he is so giddy now, enjoying this closeness that i give him. i smile, that dimple of mine catching his attention as he glances at it. his dark browns don't even catch the sight of my dagger filled hand until it has already rested at his throat. my left hand grips the front of his unwashed shirt as i pull him even closer, rising forward from my seat as my lips drawing close to his own as i grit my teeth.

" You might find it. " i press the blade into his flesh, not enough to draw blood but enough to feel the fear fall off of him. i am small, and although this now sobering up man is larger than me, i have gained the element of surprise. he moves, he dies. or so he believes. i am not going to kill him, although i would quite posibly be doing the world a favor. i snarl, pushing him back and away from my table with my left hand, all the while quickly sheathing the dagger before others have a chance to see it. eyes narrow as he tumbles away, stumbling past a server and out towards the pub's door. i snort, waving a lass over to fill my container. underneath me, vie stirs, awakening as the small rumble from above occurs. she stretches, leaping upon the table top and coming to sit upon it. she looks at me, those chocolate pools almost scorning me for my dramatic actions.

what can i say?
i like to leave a mark.

" speaking "


lass . single . twenty-six . theif

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