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I was a CTR brancher in Division 23 HFDF at the NCS Finegayan, Guam from June 1970 thru December 1971. While working my mid watch at the Wullenweber Com site, I was the first one on the scene where the Marine Guard checking badges had shot himself in the head in the guard shack just outside the bldg. entrance. The Marine was laying on his left side, so I rolled him a bit and discovered the entire left side of his head was missing. Still, he looked right at me and seemed as though he was trying to speak. His brains were all over the wall. Blood and crap everywhere. I freaked. Then I felt somebody's hand on my shoulder saying "Get out of here." That's all I remember. I NEED THAT MARINES NAME. I've had severe panic attacks ever since that moment. I filed a PTSD claim with the VA and they denied me saying they couldn't find any record of it. BULLSHIT! I was THERE. I SAW it. I mean REALLY! How many Marines committed suicide ANYWHERE on Guam in 1971? HELP ME somebody PLEASE!!!


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