Fishin' the Nite-Bite...

-well here's a short list of hints vs day-bite...

1) the boat floor is cleared of every last "trip" item (behind the steerin' wheel) cuz you'll be workin' lines & movin' around the boat
2) do it by yourself cuz a partner in the dark is a accident waitin' to happen unless you share the same brain in the dark (I had a partner put me in the lake a few weeks ago in the daytime with a muff-job while holdin' a Gal n' LC rod)
3) have all the buoys accurately gps marked @ .15 mile zoom & check them for storm movement & re-entry in the day-lite hours
4) I fish water under 3.5' & also breaks to deeper water by flutter droppin'
5) turn in anyone you see that doesn't have there anchor/white lite on -it's illegal (bumper-boat in the dark w/lines out is NOT fun)
6) a slight breeze sure beats NO breeze cuz you'll be eatin' plenty of creepy crawly bugs either way, but they are non-biters unless you find the sUMo's along the rocks
7) your gps is your eyes & leave the depthfinder/sonar OFF & work your plots
(8 when flutter droppin' be prepared for cats 10-15 lbs & also one or two sUMo Karp slams a nite when pullin'
9) 10 mph after dark & wear glasses to help keep bugs outta your eyes (they smart) ... the cloths you wear will be a mess from sittin' on them so wear old stuff
10) ETM Stealth Mode w/Flatlines or a quite 4-stroke w/PBs cuz OB's are a turn-off to mid-season warm-water sUMo's...
11) lite drags n' use your 'rookie clickers for the dinks

I'm just a Good Ole' country boy


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