Re(1): Another Question for Mary Bean

As the chief fiscal officer of the Town of Spafford and guardian of your tax money, it is my legal obligation to assure that your tax money is spent in accordance with the law, and in a efficient and effective manner. The article that appeared in the July 16th edition of the Skaneateles Press on page 4 describes the illegal expenditure of your tax money and the response of each board member. 65% of the voters in Spafford elected me to bring about change and I am attempting to do that by demanding that we abide by state and local procurement laws, highway laws, and budgeting laws. The expectations I am establishing are difficult for all but clearly doing things the way they have been done in the past is no longer acceptable or in some cases legal. Change is difficult and my expectations are new and challenging. We will have a more effective and efficient operation however that I hope will save the taxpayers money.


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