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Jim, I'm not sure what kind of help you're looking for, but I'll try to help you. I was half-way through this message when apparently the truth I was putting down in it was too much for the person sitting at the backdoor of my laptop observing my keystrokes to swallow. If you're looking for money from the gov't. Don't trouble yourself. This lawless gov't. is busy trying to spend our country into bankruptcy so that we will more easily submit under a world-wide gov't. with no more individual country sovereignty or borders, but giving you a few hundred dollars a month isn't going to get them there as fast as they want to get there, and besides our veterans are
considered an obstacle to them. They are afraid of us ! That's why they put us on the Homeland security watchlist !
There is only one antidote to the type of demonic activity that you are under attack from. He is available to you 24/7 and He is real and He is alive! I was taken up into His presence while out of my body by two of His ministering spirits and I talked with Him. He was an extremely bright light and I was paralyzed with awe and with fear. Awe because I knew I was in the presence of the One who had ultimate authority over everything, and fear because my soul was not completely purged and made white yet (perfect love casts out all fear). He knew that I was not able to communicate with Him, so He gave me some of His power so that I could, and He gave me enough so that I could talk to Him as if we were equals, like I'm talking to you right now. That impressed me because I knew that people on the earth with power wield it jealously. The Lord Jesus Christ is the answer, Jim. He said "come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest unto your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light"(Matthew 11:28-30). And Jim, don't be confused by all the churches and the multitudes in them, God's true son's and daughter's call them the "form of godliness" that draw close to God with their words but deny the truth in their hearts ! The truth is that God is not religious and in fact it was the church leaders of the day that demanded Jesus (who was God in the flesh) be put to death ! The prescription for you Jim is to go directly to God (you don't need to go through another human being) and establish communication with Him. Jesus said your Heavenly Father is a spirit, and He desires those to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Talk to Him in your own words. And for your healing get a King James version of the bible( red letter version) and read the words in red letter in the new testament( the words that Jesus spoke) and as you read them you will receive healing. I was stationed on Guam in 1967-68 and then was sent to Wahiawa, Hawaii. While at Wahiawa I used to occasionaly take coffee out to the marine at the guard shack on mid-watch. One night when I approached him with the coffee cup in hand I could tell there was something wrong with him, I could tell by the look on his face and vacant appearance of his countenance that he wasn't all there. He knew me well, I had brought him coffee before and we had talked both at the bldg. and around the base. He drew his .45, jacked a round into it and said to me you better get out of here or I'll shoot you, as I stood there trying to talk him back into reality, he then took his cocked and loaded .45 and brought it up to his head an pointed it at his temple and said "you don't think I will do you ?" I said "hell yeah man, I know you will, you're a big tough marine, but you don't want to splatter your brains all over this guard shack, here drink your coffee." With that he began to get a more lucid look on his face, and I knew his psychological crises was subsiding, he put his pistol down and took the coffee I was holding out for him. 20 years later I talked with a former marine who had been a guard at the brig at Camp Pendleton during those years. He said there were tiers of cells below ground there with guys in them who were too messed up from Vietnam to send back to their parents yet. I believe the Corps used our Pacific Islands as stepping stones to slowly bring some of them back into reality. As far as that marine guard that you came upon Jim, if he had enough life left in him to try and talk to you, he was likely trying to tell you to not do what he had done.
I had heard about your incident years after the fact through the "CT" grapevine, I believe it was from a guy that I had been in school with at Corry Field. I had left Guam just a couple of months after they moved us from the "old bldg." where I worked downstairs in "the hole" on Chief Bacon's watch to the "new bldg." in the center of the array. I was back in the states at the all-navy rifle matches when they did the actual move.


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