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Here's a little additional information that might be helpful for you, Jim. That marine guard that pointed his cocked .45 at my stomach had been an E-4 in Vietnam and was the driver of a PC. They had incoming mortar rounds and the sergeant hollered at him to get that vehicle over to the other side of the compound(where it would be less likely to get hit). He jumped in it, threw it in reverse, and backed over the Colonel's jeep. The Colonel, feeling that the dignity of his rank had been sufficiently tarnished busted this kid down to , I believe, an E-2. In prior conversations I had had with this young marine, I realized that he had put the Marine Corps on a pedestal and had embraced all of the idealism they could feed him in boot camp and beyond. Under fire from the enemy and from his sergeant he had tried to do the best job he could under the stress of the moment. The colonel completed his disillusionment. Like many young men who enlist I believe this young marine felt he had found a home, and was intending to make it a career, but now, from what I had learned about him from earlier conversations, this only real home he had known was pushing him out. Regarding the colonel, suffice it to say, the character of a true leader is not something that is acquired through promotion in rank.
After the Pueblo was captured or,if you like, was handed over to the North Koreans by our government, I remember seeing a cartoon referring to the incident on the front of( I believe it was) the Navy Times. In it an Admiral was depicted hanging from a coathook by the back of his coat. In his arms in front of him he was holding a Navy Commander depicted to be Commander Bucher the captain of the Pueblo. The caption had the Admiral saying to Commander Bucher, "well Bucher, you're really on the hook, now"!
While I was stationed at Wahiawa, I noticed, as we were getting ready for an inspection one time that an "R" brancher that I worked with had a Purple Heart on his uniform ! I asked him how he had gotten that, and he said he had been on the U.S.S. Liberty when it was attacked during the middle-east "6-Day War" in June of 1967. Later on one of our mid-watches I went over to him in a corner of our workspaces where no one else could overhear us, and I said,"What was that like ?". Even in the privacy we were enjoying in that corner of the room, he lowered his voice and said, "well, we're not supposed to talk about it but it was really bad". He said he was working his way topside stepping over bodies of guys with their guts hanging out. He said the intention of the attack was to "sink the ship, and kill everybody on board". He said some guys got life rafts into the water and the attacking planes flew over and shot them up !. But the thing that shocked me the most besides the fact that our government called back planes that had been originally scrambled to come to their aid, and the "Liberty" was forced to limp to port in the northern "med" under her own power,was that he told me they then had an older guy in civilian clothes come on board who talked to them and asked them what it was like going through the experience and as I recall seemed somewhat conciliatory. After they shared their experiences and thoughts with him, he went out of the spaces. He then put on his admirals uniform and came back into their spaces and told them that if henceforth they ever said anything about this to anyone else they would be sent to the brig for the rest of their lives ! What were our government's leaders trying to cover up and why were they treating our wounded, dead, and traumatized military personnel so shabbily to the extent of not even helping them back to port and threatening to incarcerate them for life if they ever talked to anyone else about this ?
On the other hand, when my soul was taken up in the Spirit to meet with the Lord Jesus Christ there were two angels with me. As we continued to rise up one of them said to the other one, "There is a battle about to come against us, you continue up with him and I will go and fight and make a way for you to pass through the battle". As the angel that stayed with me and I continued to rise up, I kept looking back towards the earth. The one that stayed with me asked me if I wanted to go back and I said,"I don't know". After we passed through the area of the battle, the angel that fought for us returned to us and the one that stayed with me told him that I might want to go back. Then the angel that fought for us said "O'kay" and they took me a long ways up and placed me and he said wait here and He will come to you. Eventually the Lord Jesus Christ came to me. I'm relating this to you to help you understand that in God's Kingdom things are not as they are in this earthly life. Of the two angels that came for me the one that did the heavy lifting was the one that was in charge he didn't put it off on another. He's the one that fought for us and made a way for us to pass through the battle. That's the way it is in God's Kingdom, the one that we will live in for eternity. Jesus washed our feet at the last supper, not the other way around. And He said he who is greatest among you will be your servant, and this isn't referring to standing behind a pulpit being fawned over by an adoring congregation. There is a song with these words, "amazing love, how can it be, that you, my King, would die for me ?" Now that's true leadership !


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