Re(1): joes news video at High School

I know. I love it. Energy is no joke.
That's why I used Pick Floyd's music, Dark Side Of The Moon, to embellish the soldier's scenes after a reporter told me "that energy was not important to the people in CNY." What do editor's of the Post Standard know about energy and oil? Us liberals don't like to read such articles or books on oil. Yet we think we know it all. Same with the terrorist groups I mentioned in the film. Now look who was right. Time to drill in ANWR so us liberals will have gasoline for our SUVs, trucks, CRVs, Jeeps, etc. ten years from today. Vehicles last approx. ten years . So in 2022 where do YOU want to get your gasoline from. Nigeria, Algeria, Angola.... The reporter I talked to didn't even know we got oil from these countries. But he's the expert? Us liberals are funny people. We are entering it into a film fest in April in Syr. Hope the Publisher of the Post sees it since we went to his house to try to get an interview. The female editor, Maria, of the Post called the cops on us for coming to her home. Some people at the Syracuse.com blog said we should not have went there but when we tell them that we asked for ONE year to do an interview, they understood what a good citizen should do to fight the "MAN" or woman.

Proud of it.

Joe Blow


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