Fir Chilis is the name given to the dense string of forested land that fills much of Blossom Forest. There are two different populations, depending on where in the land you are. To the north lays the deciduous forest, full of maples, oaks, birches, and beeches. To the south lay a coniferous forest full of pines and firs. No matter where you are, the trees shelter you from the sun and the rain and the snow. Take care not to get lost in the woods however - you may never find your way out. There are other dangerous here too - predators waiting for their own prey. While the land is prosperous they do not pose too much of a threat, but whenever famine or drought hits, they will attack anything... even other Putnar.

Those looking to hunt will find the forests well stocked - there are white-tailed deer, turkeys, red squirrels, chipmunks, mermots, and moose.


{ D R E A M }

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The pup’s fur was drenched with sweat as the white female picked the faeling up within her jaws. Such a big problem this would be, as the ess was carefully trying to place her feet on the rocks to the back of her. They scraped against her pads as she went, the soft feeling of sticky liquid doing something to keep herself slipping. But, soon, the air became dense, and Mink raised her head as the ground found itself safely under her inked paws. The scent of blood mingled inside of her nares, and she set down the girl in her jaws. A light breeze started to pick up, sending chills down the vixen’s spine as she let out a gasp. “Alright. I’m going to take you to some water.” Her own blood scent was masking whatever was inflicted on the faeling’s bodice, so Mink lifted her up from the dust once more, and walked forward to the scent of water.

It had been awhile since she had picked up a pup. In fact, only twice had she done it before. As she had been a loner, a couple pups had found her, she had given them food, and they had been on their way. Something about carrying a small being in her care seemed to arise something inside her. And it felt gracious; wonderful. The trees gave her shade as the scent of a small pool of water hit her. With the mingled taste of blood in her mouth, she set the girl down.

“Tell me where it hurts.” She started sniffing the pup’s body, carefully touching other places with a small amount of force. As she made her way to the front leg, she found a displacement. Though she could not see it, the bone felt broken, and the only way to heal it would be to set it back into place. An intake of breath scent the ess’ vocals working once more. “Your leg it broken. I am going to have to set it back into place. It is going to hurt, my dear, so best we get started so it can stop.” In the middle of her speech, she went to a tree and scraped her claws down the side, chipping bark and setting it into the firm grip of her jaws. Turning, her clouded eyes blinked as she kneeled and gave it to the faeling. “Bite down.”

A small smile evolved across the white wolf’s face as she bent down to the injured leg. Pity crossed her mind once or twice, as the force of her weight started to impact the leg. It took several tries, but with one more snap into the air, she felt the bone cave.

.: Thunderfoot :.


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