Bro you're so off, kahlin watkins is from ATL and he played for south prov rec and he's basically a shorter preston. Definitely ranked where he should be, he's that place filler between bigger guys like mohammed, leo, etc, and like shorter overrated dudes like timmy and zach simpson. definitely put aaron luther in the top 20 preferably 15 along with ahmad smith, isaiah hinds and victor from p-hoops. get quahogs boys in there like nick helgerson (ahmads already there) +ajay stephens and antal lee. get darian butler and even the narragansett boys like thomaz, london and tyler. cam black is a must. tyheem from pawtucket and jacob beard from team providence, and those east greenwich dudes everyones been raving about since summer leagues and after that and a few more people i missed out on, you pretty much got your top 15-35. top 5 is obvious and top 5-15 is sorta debatable (put bigger and more athletic guys at the top and the weaker more hyped ones like simpson and holt at the bottom)

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